Retro column from 2001 – Reaction to WWE buying WCW

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The following column was written by Linda Robin on (my original domain name before in 2001. This column covered the March 26th 2021 edition of WWE RAW and what was the final edition of WCW Monday Nitro…

Raw was electrifying and it had nothing to do with Rock, or any of the matches. It was the end of one federation and the beginning of another that ruled the air waves last night. Vince’s purchase of WCW was definetly the main focus of the show.

From the start of Nitro to the end of Raw, it was a Vince McMahon evening. And I can’t really knock him for that; after all he did something I don’t think any wrestling fan or critic expected. He bought his number one competition and why not make it a Vince McMahon night?

I first want to say that Nitro was a very very nice show. I thought every match was was done with nothing but effort, with the exception of Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Stasiack. But I’ll let that pass. Of course all these guys are hoping to remain with WCW so naturally they were going to put on the best show they knew how. But it was a hell of way to say goodbye after so many years.

To top things off, Sting making an appearance after God knows how many months had a nice match with Ric Flair. But this match for me turned out to be a fantastic one, because Sting won it and Flair showed just what kind of class he’s made of. This is what wrestling is all about. Too bad other’s in WCW didn’t realize it.

Seeing Vince via satellite on WCW was kind of weird, and to make it even weirder with his sidekick Trish next to him adding a little spice (if you know what I mean) to his appearance. Vince was sure in the kissing mood last night, something I could have lived without. But having Vince pop up in Panama City was a little added fun.

As to Raw, it started out with a bang. That would be the firing of Jeff Jarrett. I was kind of shocked when he showed up on TV and Vince told Trish that Jeff might be spelling his name G double O double N E. I guess Vince wasn’t letting Jarrett forget how he left and he became the first WCW casualty. Now wasn’t this better the one of Vince’s opening promo’s?

Of course there were other things that went on during Raw, like the return of Mick Foley. I read he would be on, but the show was nearing the end so I was surprised to see him, I figured he wouldn’t be on. Anyway he managed to sign some papers with Linda back in December when Vince was giving him problems. So Mick popped it to Vince that he gets to guest ref any WM match. And which one did he pick, yep, Vince vs. Shane. Vince certainly has his work cut out for him Sunday.

Benoit and Angle cut a nice promo about not having matches at WM. Benoit challenged Angle’s comment about being the best wrestler in the world. I loved it when Benoit told Kurt that he could have him tap tap tap like the bitch you are. Cool line. This is going to be good.

I also saw Doink The Clown for the first time. Well it was really Jericho, but at least I know what to expect from this gimmick match. This will be a must see, well not really, but it should be different.

I won’t go through any more matches, but let me just say a few things. I really liked the promo with Vince and Shane. Vince was so cocky about making Ted Turner come to WM to bring the contract and then watch him beat the hell out of Shane. Yeah Vince was flying until Shane made an appearance via satellite to inform dad that Shane bought WCW. I thought that was a classic moment. The face Shane, finally putting one over a dastardly evil Vince. Loved it, and it made me feel better about this purchase. I think all efforts will be put into WCW to make them as strong as they can be.

Another thing I found surprising was the reaction to some WCW names. Vince asked the fans to let him know how they feel about certain guys and to my amazement Luger was the only one that got booed. I can’t believe the fans want Bagwell with his reputation, and for that matter Goldberg with his. But there were even Goldberg chants. Wrestling is going to be more interesting then ever and hopefully will regain its full popularity back.

Hey do you all remember the main event for Wrestlemania? Yeah, that’s right Austin vs. Rock. Did last night’s main event do anything for you? Not me, it wasn’t bad, but do you really really care about this feud? And Debra did she play any part in the match. No, she was there and that’s it. I also expected a quick Triple H run in, and that’s just what we got. When Vince was talking on the phone at the beginning of the show and saying you and Triple H have a relaxing vacation, two things hit me. He’s either hurt, or he’s there and he will make a quicky appearance at the end. And sure enough a nice chair shot to UT, to give Austin the pin. Nothing earth shattering, but again the focus of the night was the purchase of WCW.

So Raw and Nitro were without a doubt entertaining in many ways, now let’s get back to Wrestlemania and wrestling. I hope Smackdown puts the emphasis back to Sunday’s pay per view, and heats things up. Something better heat up as far as Rock and Austin go. And truthfully I don’t know if one night can do it, hopefully it will.