Nothing when it comes to WWE or their PPVs is traditional anymore

In the immortal words of Bob Dylan, The Times They Are Changin’ and lately when it comes to WWE, I have been agreeing with the classic track a whole lot more.


I will take you on a journey if you will to when we were all young infants and watching then WWF TV, be it Superstars, Wrestling Challenge, All American Wrestling, Prime Time Wrestling and then eventually Mania, Monday Night RAW. There was not a lot to watch admittedly but we still watched and things seemed easier to sit down and enjoy. An hour goes by quicker than two to three hours, except SmackDown. SmackDown is the only thing WWE I watch these days, I’ll let you decide as to why but anyway that’s not the topic at hand here.

We only had four PPVs and it gave their programming more exclusivity if that makes any sense, the feuds will climax at either at the next big event or even end on Superstars! It made for fun TV, same goes for the start of potential feuds or even a lot of hinting.

In just a few weeks it will be December and for as long as I can remember, I even remember WWF announcing who the entrants in the Royal Rumble would be. Eventually some changes would be made but it was exciting to say the least! I even marked out when I saw Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine would be a part of the 1994 Royal Rumble! Hey I was five years old, sue me! Every ‘Update’ from either ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund or Todd Pettengill was fun, we even got a match card in advance and thus from there the buildup on their programming would start.

Same with WrestleMania, maybe that was a bit slower in terms of buildup but the blowoff from the year prior would always be at ‘Mania. I mean look at the buildup for ‘The Model’ Rick Martel vs Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts for example OR ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior? Crazy how things change at the blink of an eye.

What I am trying to get at with this article is that nothing when it comes to WWE or their PPVs is traditional anymore. It is Survivor Series on Sunday and we only get two traditional Survivor Series matches? It’s sad. Survivor Series has always been one of my all time favourite events, the mixing and matching as well as the team names were a thing of beauty.

The simplicity in it all is long gone and WWE are simply burying their own inventions and letting them die as they try to escape. Nothing is forever in life but I would have thought that maybe they would keep with the theme for many of their long running shows.


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