NoDQ&AV LIVE – Your final WWE and AEW wrestling questions heading into 2023

The final NoDQ&AV live stream of 2022 is now on-demand! Topics include when Bloodline will turn against Sami Zayn, terrible names in WWE, best gimmick changes, & more! Here are the superchat timestamps…

07:18 Vince McMahon returning OR CM Punk main events Wrestlemania?
12:08 Terrible names in WWE
17:47 Best gimmick changes
19:45 When does Bloodline turn on Sami Zayn?
23:07 Who is leaking info to Wall Street Journal?
23:46 Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan?
25:49 Mario Kart NoDQ races?
26:38 Top babyfaces that AEW should push
28:46 Best episode of RAW, Smackdown, Dynamite
30:49 Bigger long-term story, Vince retiring or CM Punk/Elite fight
35:44 What AEW and WWE should do in 2023
40:05 How great was Demolition?
43:07 If AEW and WWE swapped rosters
44:19 Wasted End of Days kickout
46:58 What should WWE do with Charlotte Flair when she returns?
48:16 Is Baron Corbin the new Ray Traylor (Big Bossman)?
53:26 Babyface turn for Jinder Mahal?
54:49 Mattel situation with WWE
59:17 The Rock in 2023 Hall of Fame?
1:01:29 Pancakes or waffles?
1:04:27 Twitch gaming channel?
1:06:58 Austin vs. Cena or Austin vs. CM Punk?