NoDQ&A: WWE after Vince McMahon is gone, what’s next for Dominik Dijakovic, more

Welcome to NoDQ&A! I first started this series in 2010 and it was transitioned to video in 2011. I decided to bring back the series in text format so let’s get to your questions…

Michael Tucker: “I just want to know from your prospective what would you like to happen in the WWE after Vince McMahon retires or passes away?”

First off all, I don’t want Vince to pass away anytime soon. Regardless of what people think about some of his business decisions, he’s still a human being. Once Vince is no longer running WWE, I am hopeful that the company will try some new creative ideas from younger people and not older people that have been in Vince’s inner circle for decades. Everyone should strive to have Vince’s work ethic but I do believe that fresh visions for how to move the company forward will be a positive in the long run.

Colin Andrew: “How should they repackage Dominik Dijakovic?”

The easy answer is to get rid of the T-Bar gimmick and make him Dominik Dijakovic again. I would take Dijakovic off television for a few months and act like Retribution never happened. I wouldn’t even reference Dijakovic as ever being T-Bar and instead treat him like he came straight from NXT. Maybe WWE could air some video packages showing Dijakovic’s work in NXT and then follow it up with a monster push.

Kimsan Song: “By the end of 2021 do you see rating picking up for AEW, NXT, Raw and Smackdown? Is it me, or do you think ratings are down due to no crowds? I know that sounds stupid but I think the presence of a crowd brings life to the show.”

I definitely think WWE (and AEW as well) will see an initial bump in television viewership once the company starts touring again. However, the novelty will eventually wear off and I feel that numbers will drop again if the creative process isn’t compelling.

Jerry Slaughter: “Do you see NXT’s viewership going up when they move to Tuesday or remaining about the same?”

I expect an initial rise of 15 to 20% but I could see the NXT numbers dwindling back to what they’ve been doing after a few weeks. AEW might fare a bit better but I think both brands will struggle to retain their new viewers long-term unless new stars are developed.

Joshua Gray: “Based on the 4 Horsewoman in ring & promo work over the past 7 years in both NXT & the main roster. What is your ranking of Sasha, Becky, Bayley, & Charlotte, from least to best?”

I would go with Becky Lynch as my #1 of the Horsewomen. In terms of star power and promo work, she has impressed me the most. I would probably go with Bayley next because of how well she did with her heel turn and how she carried the women’s division during the Covid-19 pandemic. Charlotte is well-rounded as a performer and has achieved a lot of success so I’ll put her at third. I have Sasha in last place for now due to her being the weakest on the mic (in my opinion) but that could change as there is a huge opportunity for her to have a career-defining match at Wrestlemania 37.

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