NoDQ&A: How much longer Roman Reigns will be a heel, importance of entrance music, more

Welcome to NoDQ&A! I first started this series in 2010 and it was transitioned to video in 2011. I decided to bring back the series in text format so let’s get to your questions…

Bflesher5: “Hey Aaron, how much longer do you see Roman Reigns’ Heel Run lasting for?”

Reigns should not be turning face anytime soon. There are numerous marquee matches that Reigns can have as a heel against names such as John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and The Rock. At the earliest, I would not turn him face until those matches have taken place or after Wrestlemania 38. With that being said, I would not be shocked if WWE decided to turn Reigns back to a face sooner than that. I suppose it depends on the crowd reactions. If fans start cheering Reigns on a regular basis, I could see the face turn happening sooner.

Stefan Osborne: “How much of the waning interest in wrestling is being caused by the awful entrance music these days? The difference between the Jim Johnston and even the CFO$ songs to what’s being produced now is like the difference between stereo & mono. Even if the new guys write good tunes, they still sound so dull. What would you do?”

The lack of quality entrance music is not a MAJOR problem but I definitely believe it is one of several factors that have contributed to the decline of wrestling’s popularity. Whatever gets a fan invested in the product is important. As a kid, I would buy the CDs and fantasize about storylines as I would listen to the music. While music isn’t everything, it is part of the overall package and I would say that music alone can make a wrestler. For instance, look at Robert Roode with the “Glorious” entrance music and then without it. I think there’s a big difference but that’s just my opinion.

SSJ4Vegeta1986: “What with WWE and cutting people’s names? I mean what’s wrong with Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart? They are not that difficult to remember!”

I believe it comes down to Vince McMahon’s own personal taste and what he thinks is marketable. I remember the shortening of names going back to WCW and when Bill Goldberg would simply be known as Goldberg for the most part. Overall, the name changes haven’t really bothered me that much and I tend to get used to them over time.

Tyler Joseph Smith: “What moment in wrestling do you think would have broken social media before it was invented? Name one that would have positively done so and one that would have negatively done so.”

In regards to positive moments, the first thing that comes to mind was the Hulk Hogan heel turn from the 1996 WCW Bash at the Beach PPV. If had been around back then, I definitely think that moment would have broken the site. I look back at how much of an impact CM Punk’s pipe bomb promo made and I believe a lot of those old promos that broke the 4th wall would have seen similar results.

As far as negative moments, I would say the death of Owen Hart. There were numerous moments during the Attitude Era that would have drawn a lot of negative attention. With WWE making the decision to continue the Over The Edge PPV after Owen died, I can only imagine how the Twitter reactions would have been.

Colin Andrew: “Thoughts on Edge saying on Talking Smack (7/9/21) saying he doesn’t count the 24/7 title in WWE?”

Right on, Edge! The 24/7 Title is a comedy prop and I don’t know how anybody can take it seriously. I didn’t mind the 24/7 Title existing and it had some funny moments but the concept became stale a long time ago.

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