NoDQ&A: Daniel Bryan winning the Universal Title, Triple H’s in-ring status, more

Welcome to NoDQ&A! I first started this series in 2010 and it was transitioned to video in 2011. I decided to bring back the series in text format so let’s get to your questions…

Johnny Boy: “Even though I am excited for the triple threat main event… why do you think they added Bryan to the match? They had a easy story to tell with edge coming back and getting back the title he never lost. Is it possible edge wanted to go into mania as the Rated R Heel and so you had to put a baby face in there?”

If you believe the reports, Vince McMahon wanted to spice things up for the main event match at Wrestlemania 37. While I generally prefer singles matches as the main events for Wrestlemania, I do think adding Daniel Bryan to the Universal Title match makes it more intriguing as far as the story goes. It will almost certainly be a better match in terms of in-ring work. As far as Edge goes, it’s entirely possible that him and the company felt that fans were starting to resent him as being the “old part-timer” in the main event and decided that a heel turn was best for business.

John Jordan: “Hi Aaron, Could we see a repeat of Daniel Bryan winning the title at Wrestlemania like in 2014?”

I think anything is possible. WWE tends to go with “feel-good” title changes at Wrestlemania and with the Covid-19 pandemic still affecting the world, I could see WWE leaning towards ending the show on a high note. Going back to the previous question, adding Daniel Bryan to the match could also be a way to get the Universal title off Roman Reigns without him taking the fall.

Mr. Christopher Yukk: “Lacking star power at the 2021 Wrestle Mania, why would HHH not insert himself into the show in some fashion? He should always be available, right?”

As Triple H himself said, it takes a lot of time for him to get physically ready for a match at his age. I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Triple H in a WWE ring but with him having other responsibilities, it might not happen unless the right opponent and scenario comes along. It’s also possible that the pandemic played a role in keeping him out of the ring. Once full crowds are back, I could see discussions pick up about Triple H wrestling again.

Miguel Ortiz: “During his matches in 2002, The Rock was frequently called, “the future of wrestling”. This obviously did not end up being true since he went part-time the following year. What were the initial thoughts on him going to Hollywood? Were people not expecting him to succeed and stick to wrestling?”

I remember many people realizing just how talented The Rock was very quickly and it was clear as early as 2000 that he could succeed outside of the wrestling business. I figured that once The Scorpion King movie was a success, his days as a full-time wrestler were numbered.

Asia Carter: “Why do you think the rock and stone cold never became tag team champions?”

Rock and Austin’s characters were natural enemies but I suppose it could’ve happened in early 2001 before Wrestlemania 17. However, Rock and Austin really didn’t need the tag titles to enhance their Wrestlemania storyline. Perhaps if Rock and Austin kept wrestling for several more years and the timing was right, it would’ve been a possibility but I’d say unlikely.

Brandon Seamon: “What do you think about Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon inside a steel cage?”

I am somewhat perplexed by WWE’s decision to book these two inside a steel cage. I think a cage will limit what they can do while a falls count anywhere match would’ve given them more “smoke and mirrors” to work with. Interestingly enough, this is only the second traditional steel cage match in Wrestlemania history so it’s something different but I still would’ve gone with different competitors.

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