NoDQ&A: Cody Rhodes defeating Roman Reigns, WWE/AEW working relationship, more

Welcome to NoDQ&A! I first started this series in 2010 and it has been switching between text and video formats since 2011. Here are some of your wrestling questions answered via Twitter/X…

Q: Will Cody Rhodes defeat Roman Reigns at WWE Wrestlemania 40?

I feel like it almost 100% a sure thing that Cody will defeat Reigns at Wrestlemania. Imagine the internet reaction if Cody lost AGAIN. As for McIntyre, I think he’s doing some of his best work now as a heel and I’d love to see him as one of Cody’s challengers for the title.

Q: Who will be Cody Rhodes’ first opponent if he defeats Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 40?

I’d love to see Randy Orton feud with Cody Rhodes as a heel. At some point, I think we need a full-blown Randy vs. Cody feud for the title.

Q: Will Cody Rhodes pass the torch to Bron Breakker in a few years?

I think Bron Breakker has serious potential to be a top star in WWE. He’s one of the few guys that I think has a legitimate shot at being the next face of the company.

Q: Will WWE ever start a working relationship with AEW?

I would have said “no chance” during the old regime. With Triple H in charge, I wouldn’t rule anything out but I still think it’s highly unlikely.

Q: Could the Iron Survivor Challenge debut on the main roster at Wrestlemania 40 with Seth Rollins defending the world title?

I doubt it will happen this year because of the Elimination Chamber winner getting the title match. However, I’m a fan of the Iron Survivor Challenge and I expect to see it used on the WWE main roster at some point.

Q: Will WWE get rid of the WWE title lineage dating back to 1963?

I can’t imagine WWE ending the lineage that goes back to the WWWF.

Q: With Tony Khan continuing to sign people, will talent start jumping ship from AEW due to the roster being bloated?

I think it’s inevitable. Not everyone can be utilized and some talent aren’t going to be satisfied with merely collecting a paycheck.

Q: How do you cope with watching old wrestling content knowing that some of the people behind the curtain are “awful” people?

Great question. I always try to separate the characters from the actual people but it can be difficult at times. I would much rather get behind someone who I know is a good human being in real life. However, I don’t need to personally like someone to respect their work.

Q: If you were given your own wrestling promotion, which four wrestlers in history would you use to launch the company?

John Cena for the professionalism, The Rock for the promos, Shawn Michaels for the in-ring skills, and Steve Austin for the character.

Q: Could the entire House of Black end up in WWE?

I’d pick up Brody King is I was WWE. He’s unique. I wouldn’t be shocked to see all three of them in WWE at some point.