New Wyatt Family? (A White Rabbit Theory)

Recent “White Rabbit” teasers all point most entirely to Bray Wyatt and his return, and given the clues and how it undoubtedly relates to Bray Wyatt’ in many instances, it seems like a sure thing.

However, there has been some other speculation when the “White Rabbit” first started to appear. Karrion Kross and Aleister Black have both been considered candidates as there are some multiple comparable relations to both.

I can’t help but wonder, what if it’s all three? What if Bray Wyatt has formed a new Wyatt family with Aleister Black and Karrion Kross?

The most recent QR code led to a website with a video. The video featured cartoon images of The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf with morse code for the phrase “Azazel (demon) Reborn.” In my opinion, the “three little pigs” could be a subtle reference to the three members these teases are eluding too.

It is surmised that these “White Rabbit” teases will conclude at “Extreme Rules”. Karrion Kross has a strap match against Drew McIntyre. We know that Drew will be taking some time off due to an injury. While a clean finish would help elevate Karrion Kross, 2 losses in a row for Drew McIntyre could potentially damage his return post-injury. What if, the New Wyatt Family converge and attack Drew McIntyre to set up Drew’s time off?

Aleister Black has recently requested for release from AEW has been granted, albeit with a clause that he cannot go to WWE. This throws a curve to this theory, but I would never doubt WWE finding a way to make it work.

The latest QR code leading to the teaser, occurred at the very end of Karrion Kross’s promo and while his face was still visible clearly on screen. I have also noticed the hour glass, Kross’s likened “tick tock” prop in one of the teases. (pictured below).

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on this theory? Leave a comment below!