Negatives outweighing the Positives

Hi all,

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas so far! Been a quiet one here but no complaints.

Today’s article might be a tad bit controversial but one that I have wanted to write for a while.  It has to be done and at times I feel I am in the minority when it comes to this particular topic.

Today’s subject is WWE Hall of Famer, The Immortal Hulk Hogan.

It has always come to my mind that these days we seem to focus more on the negatives in his personal life than the positives on the contributions he made to professional wrestling.

Now let’s be frank from the get go, Hulk wasn’t the greatest wrestler, unless you watch his stuff in Japan. His work in the Orient is well documented and there are a ton of matches that will surprise you.

It was very clear that he was the guy Vince McMahon Jr wanted to lead his recently purchased WWF and rightfully so. Hulk’s work in the AWA should also be documented heavily but like many others things, it isn’t.

These days if we talk about Hulk Hogan, I am sure we can discuss how much he did do, how much of a hero and role model he is to many BUT like the topic of today’s article, there is too many things that have happened in his personal life that outweigh his accomplishments in the squared circle.

His lies have certainly become the subject of a lot of laughs over the years and unfortunately the racial scandal from 2015, his selfishness to put other talent over has also been discussed.

I ask you readers now. Is it time we stop? Is it time we acknowledge Hulk Hogan, the wrestler and not Terry Bollea the human being? You guys decide but speaking for myself, I am definitely sticking with acknowledging his contribution to the business.

The wrestling term marking out is used quite often these days for just about anything but as a wee lad, I would and endlessly whenever he came out, I still can’t listen to Real American without getting goosebumps!

The phenomenon of Hulkamania is real and I am sure if you ask someone around the world who Hulk Hogan is, they instantly know and whether he was in the red and yellow or donning the classic Hollywood black and white, Hulk Hogan is a true icon of the business and it is time we credit him more for his legacy.