MR. TITO: Recommendations to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H to Improve the WWE

The Excellence in Column Writing is back from the retirement home for another column, though I’m running out of things in my basement to display unless more breaking news comes out. I’m just not interested in covering current in-ring happenings unless things significantly improve for either WWE or AEW. While a management shake-up can be good, you know my thoughts on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H from YEARS upon YEARS of reading my columns. Stephanie was Creative Lead or EVP from late 2000 through late 2013 while Triple H was Creative EVP from late 2013 through mid 2019 while being Talent Developmental EVP from mid 2012 through early 2020. Through those eras, nothing but viewership, attendance, and merchandise sales declines. FACT.

However, with one of my few columns that I can offer, I am here to HELP Triple H and Stephanie McMahon improve the WWE and make it much better moving forward. Yes, I have provided advice columns like this in the past, so thus many ideas will be recycled from those columns. That said, many of my recommendations from the past were great ones and could have helped the WWE in the past as well.

Right now, WWE has some goodwill by wrestling fans by removing Vince McMahon and giving Triple H another chance to succeed. While Vince McMahon is responsible for building the WWE empire and making it financially successful, we all know that WWE could have been better. Many mistakes were made since the year 2000 on the Creative side of things such as Title Belt inflation, Brand Split mistakes, Divas Search, WCW/ECW Invasion, return of the NWO, pushing Roman Reigns too early and too hard as a John Cena replacement, not incorporating wrestling veterans on Creative Teams, and ruining many wrestlers called up from OVW, FCW, and NXT. That said on the latter point, having Hugh Morris and Prince Albert as your top trainers has caused an entire DECADE’s worth of damage to newer wrestlers attempting to join the WWE.

Instead of just writing a column that bitches about issues or problems with the WWE, this one is straight up providing solutions to make the WWE better moving forward and to help Stephanie/Triple H and even the likes of Nick Khan, Kevin Dunn, Bruce Prichard, and others succeed. That said, I’m going to be BRUTALLY HONEST on certain matters.

If you want the WWE to significantly grow under Triple H/Stephanie, then do yourself a favor… FORWARD this column to both HHH and Stephanie. This is good advice given to them and it’s for free. I only want Pro Wrestling to be great again and would love to return from the Retirement Home once it is fun to watch again.

Away we go!

Mr. Tito’s PHAT Suggestions for WWE to Improve

Come CLEAN now about any past issues with Executives
We don’t need another Vince McMahon situation where past workplace issues comes out via tabloids, news articles, or internet rumors. If any current executive had any past workplace issues that caused any type of settlements or terminations, said WWE executive needs to come CLEAN right now. Make a statement about past transgressions, be honest about it, and be apologetic about it. I remember during the mid 2000s, there was 1 Divas Search contestant that had rumors about why she abruptly switched brands from RAW to Smackdown. Things like that, especially if it involves a current executive (though she may be the $7 million recipient from 2018). WWE cannot afford another management shake-up.

Improve the WWE Television Production
You’ve seen the memes… WWE quickly changes television angles on its shows now and it can wear you out watching WWE programming. I’m not sure what kind of caffeine is being served in the WWE production truck, but someone needs to inform Kevin Dunn to SLOW DOWN. Go watch the NFL or NBA, as their camera angles rarely change during the game and different camera angles are being used on INSTANT REPLAYS only. Just slow things down, guys… This wasn’t an issue until recently and the flickering between camera angles makes the WWE live television product look cheap.

Value WWE Theme Songs as a Asset Again
Remember during the mid 1990s, even when the WWE was in a dry spell? All of us proudly bought WWE – The Music Volume 1 and were BLASTING that stuff in our cars while carefully holding the CD walkman’s in our hands so that the CD wouldn’t skip. Nobody does that now… Jim Johnston was a national treasure for the WWE and the themes would actually help the wrestlers draw. Look at how iconic themes were for Razor Ramon, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior, the Rock, the Undertaker, Bret Hart, to name a few. Theme songs for the Miz, Randy Orton, and Dolph Ziggler, in particular, SUCK HARD as does many other wrestlers. There has been a lack of quality control since Johnston was let go and AEW has a similar problem with LAME theme music. Music helps set the tone for wrestlers and greatly improves the presentation not just of the wrestler, but the product as well.

Start actually enforcing the rules of Pro Wrestling with Referees
For one, there are too many no disqualification matches… LAZY BOOKING, as there are standard rules in place that most wrestling matches should have. The NoDQ stuff should only be used when 2 wrestlers are struggling to settle a dispute within the normal confines of a match. But look at how referees operate now in wrestling… They barely even attempt to do 5 counts on anybody doing illegal chokes or within the ropes, hardly ever enforce that rope breaks can stop a submission, they let many cheapshots go by that used to cause disqualification (crotch shots), and their enforcement of illegal tag partners is awful. And seriously, how slow is that freakin’ 10 count for outside activity? At least REQUIRE wrestlers to get inside the ring to break that count. Wrestlers don’t even try now because the referees won’t dare cause any countouts.

Impose INSTANT REPLAY on Title Matches
This is a unique recommendation coming from me and I’ve said it for years… Heighten the importance on Title matches, though you could maybe just incorporate this only on the World Titles… After a World Title match ends, the referee begins a 10 count on the losing wrestler. After the 10 count, if the losing wrestler requests an Instant Replay on the end result of the match, it shall be granted. In that replay, if it can be determined that rules were broken, then the result can be changed. THAT SAID, if the wrestler cannot make that 10 count, they cannot challenge it (thus, meaning that the heels can really get heat for doing something drastic to really knock that wrestler out). However, if a wrestler has a MANAGER, said manager can request an Instant Replay after a match instead of needing that 10 count. This places grave importance on having a manager, but also creates another mechanism for a heel to threaten or harm the manager to avoid the Instant Replay.

Make US and Intercontinental Titles be defended, always, on RAW or Smackdown (loose TV Titles)
Many of us have been barking for YEARS about the WWE needing a Television Title. However, I am also arguing that WWE has too many titles. Many of you have been critical of how the US and IC Titles have been used. Thus, we’ll merge our ideas together and REQUIRE that the US and Intercontinental Titles ALWAYS be defended on RAW or Smackdown television shows, whichever brand those titles belong. Thus, you, as a wrestling fan, are GUARANTEED 1 title defense per show and that can matter a lot… If the feud is redhot over those midcard titles, then the Title defense can easily be used as the Main Event of RAW or Smackdown.

Make Tag Team Wrestling Great Again
I actually trust Triple H on this one… While the NXT Title and its male main eventers was a weaker part of NXT, his Tag Team wrestling and Women’s Division were the strong points. American Alpha and the Revival MATTERED in NXT and you felt the passion when American Alpha won those titles. When Jason Jordan held that NXT Tag Team title for the first time, you felt that emotion that he was feeling… That’s the last time that we really felt anything for Tag Team wrestling, as Vince McMahon completely disregarded it and let great teams, like the Revival, just walk away from the WWE. This is a HUGE area that Triple H can improve and gain extra goodwill from the fans… Make the tag matches quality while having FUN tag teams involved. Triple H also has a place to grow in strides with the Women’s Tag Team belts, which were worthless with Vince McMahon overseeing creative.

Rethink Women’s Wrestling
I want to give more praise to Triple H on this one, as he made great improvements on the Women’s Division through his work in NXT. He deserves praise on it by installing the right trainer and creating a culture where female athletes can legitimately join and make more money than most female sports (only top stars in tennis and golf make more). That said, it’s more of a midcard act than a Main Event one as proven by only 1 all-female Pay Per View tried and only a handful of Pay Per View main events tried with females on top (often reliant on Ronda Rousey). I also believe that stars like Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks have had too many backstage issues and it has harmed the reputation of the female division.

In my view, more work needs to be done to differentiate it from male divisions of wrestling. Take basketball, for example… Women actually play with a SMALLER basketball than men. This accounts for hand size, which is a valid physical difference between men and women. However, women’s basketball just isn’t popular in comparison to men… Women’s NCAA games are lower in attendance/viewership and the WNBA has never made a profit. In my view, both struggle because they are playing on the same Court and Hoop dimensions as men. If they made a smaller court and lowered the hoop (from 10 feet to maybe 9 or 8 feet), it would greatly improve action and we’d see more dunking. The SAME can be said about Women’s wrestling… They are operating in a wrestling ring with the same dimensions as men, the ring ropes in particular. Go watch a Women’s Royal Rumble and see the valid struggles of tossing someone over the top rope. Maybe lower the ropes a tad when Women wrestle? Something to help them out, or encourage many of the shorter females to bounce off the middle rope like Rey Mysterio Jr.?

The CREATIVE of Women’s Wrestling has been absolutely terrible, despite the legitimately great roster of Women in place. Because WWE is one of the best paying games in town for female athletes, they have a distinct advantage on recruiting. However, that deep female roster doesn’t appear to look great because of the bad booking in place. Look at Bayley in NXT and her rise to the top compared to how she has been presented in the WWE. Look at Asuka, too, as she was feared in NXT and treated as a joke in WWE. Charlotte has been too dominant and has racked up too many Title reigns while everybody else has suffered. You CANNOT have stupid moves like Becky Lynch destroying Bianca Belair at SummerSlam within seconds.

Stop it with the UFC love, please.
To me, Brock Lesnar is a WWE star because he was in the WWE before he ventured into UFC and Lesnar has been one of the few interesting stars keeping the WWE viable. But the Ronda Rousey experiment hasn’t been a good one for the WWE and she is only there because she’s settling for it. The money dried up for her in UFC and in movies, so thus she has settled for the millions that WWE pays her. Yet, she doesn’t to be there and it shows. You can keep telling me how tough Shayna Baszler, but her presentation is lacking. Maybe give her a manager or something? Nobody cared about Cain Velasquez, at all. UNLESS you have a wrestler who is all-in on the wrestling culture, such as Matt Riddle, it’s hard to bother with former UFC folks. Being a Pro Wrestlers is more than being a great athlete, as you have to work on presentation and speaking ability to matter. Matt Riddle gets it and wants to be in the WWE, whereas others have just settled on wrestling. The Rousey experiment has failed because she doesn’t want to be there and is just settling on WWE for a payout.

Loosen restrictions on wrestler names.
In the past 15 years, especially, the WWE has gone insane on wrestler names whether it is with copyright issues or wanting wrestlers to go by a single name. For example, Austin Theory… They were calling him just “Theory” for a while. Why? That is so stupid… Cesaro was another example. Actually human beings have REAL full names… Granted, there are exceptions to said rule such as if a wrestler debuts as a gimmick and that wrestler sells that gimmick so well that the name works. Like the Undertaker… Or when there is a great nickname developed, such as The Rock. Try getting Hunter Hearst Helmsley over but something like Triple H works. For a while, Charlotte Flair was called just Charlotte… Then Charlotte Flair again. The copyright stuff is going overboard, though… Few wrestlers can jump ship these days and matter. Hell, CM Punk jumped to AEW as “CM Punk” and after briefly drawing over 1 million, Dynamite is drawing under 1 million with him as champion. What you need is a cool name that DRAWS and if a wrestler’s real name would draw, use it. Think about how much AJ Styles would struggle if he debuted in the WWE with a different name. No, it works because he can use his prior wrestling name.

Establish Weight Classes already.
Yes, the WWE had a Cruiserweight Champion… But 205 Live was a joke, was taped after Smackdown, and nobody cared. That said, WWE attempting to push wrestlers who looked like Cruiserweights has also harmed the WWE brand and its World Titles. Sorry, but Finn Balor is smaller wrestler and benefit more as a Cruiserweight or “Light Heavyweight” champion. Go look at UFC and Boxing. They have lighter champions who draw HUGE money because they can successfully thrive in a specific weight class. Would Conor McGregor thrive if he was forced to fight heavyweights? NO, he’d lose in a heartbeat. Floyd Mayweather is undefeated in his weightclasses and would lose matches if he fought heavyweights. And hey, for all of you Dave Meltzer lovers out there, doesn’t New Japan do well with a weight class installed? It’s called credibility, folks, as you cannot have a wrestler soaking wet at 200 pounds daring to compete with someone with a 50-100 pound weight advantage. With a lower weight class, the smaller guys that Triple H loves signing would thrive without the pressure of attempting to look good against “larger than life” heavyweights in the WWE.

Go Darker on the A&E Documentaries, acknowledge the past.
The A&E Documentaries have been a huge success, but that has been partly by displaying the POSITIVES of the past. Yes, I love me some DX, Edge, Mick Foley, the Undertaker, Steve Austin, etc… But why keep showing positive light on the past? The reason VICE TV’s Dark Side of Wrestling was successful and was that network’s most highly rated series is because it dug deep in to dark subject matters that the WWE refuses to acknowledge. That said, today’s WWE needs to be proud of evolving on topics such as Drug Use and Concussions. The time is ripe with Vince McMahon retiring or resigning (take your pick), as the current practice could show a company that made mistakes in the past but is attempting to improve upon them. Wrestlers, today, are going to live longer because of past mistakes that Vince made to cut corners, keep wrestlers performing at high levels, or maintaining a certain look. Chris Benoit, itself, is a major tragedy… But with proper drug testing and concussion protocols, he could still be here right now as could Eddie Guerrero. Give yourselves some credit on EVOLVING on matters for wrestler safety and concussions.

Make the 3rd hour of RAW matter.
WWE has reportedly went “TV-14”, but I haven’t seen anything yet… As I’ve said for years, make that 3rd hour go completely unhinged and completely adult themed. Make it seem to younger viewers that this is a bonus hour while giving a break from the kiddie stuff for adults after enduring the first 2 hours of crap. Go full TV Mature for the 3rd hour, while creating storyline opportunities that penalize any wrestlers attempting any of these antics for the first 2 hours. This is an area where Paul Heyman’s expertise could be utilized… But make the 3rd hour matter with adult themes, be it with language, violence, or hot chicks. Just unleash and give wrestling fans a real escape.

Get away from politics, particularly with management.
I believe that the McMahon association with Donald Trump has hurt them… As Michael Jordan once said, “Republicans buy sneakers too”. While wrestlers are still allowed to donate to candidates, as Michael Jordan actually did, going public about their affiliations with political parties or having photo ops with them could prove toxic for the fanbases. Right after Donald Trump was elected, the entire McMahon family took a photo with Donald and Stephanie McMahon, in particular, had the biggest grin on her face. Fact is that the country is 50/50 on elections, so thus upsetting half of your audience by political affiliation is a bad business decision. Look at Chris Jericho, for example… His open support for Donald Trump and then his family members participating in January 6th activities has really hurt his brand in Pro Wrestling. On the flip side, CM Punk has upset many fans on the right with the Pro-Choice shirts that he’s allowed to wear on AEW television. WWE management needs to stay out of politics while also imposing policies in place to discourage their own talents from openly supporting candidates or movements on social media.

End the Gimmick Matches and Gimmick Pay Per Views, now!
I always used to mock the WWE for having Pay Per Views like Money in the Bank, Hell in a Cell, or TLC… “Hey, it’s October now, let’s all wrestle in a big cage!”. “Hey, it’s December now, let’s wrestle in dangerous ladder matches”. Just made ZERO sense… With NXT, this was happening with War Games, THOUGH this had some brand recognition. Money in the Bank, I’m less critical on, because it’s usually in a set time of year and getting that briefcase matters (more on that in a minute). Royal Rumble matters because it determines the #1 contender. I dislike Elimination Chamber as a cheap imitation of the Rumble, however… I HATE that match! Instead of having these dangerous gimmick based Pay Per Views, the WWE should save these Hell in a Cell or TLC matches for feuds that need a special match to settle a score between 2 wrestlers. Look back at Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker during 1997… A regular match would allow Shawn Michaels to escape the wrath of the Undertaker, but if you put a gigantic cage around him, he couldn’t escape the beating that he deserved. The only reason why TLC matches got over was due to the Dudleys, Edge/Christian, and Hardys executing those dangerous matches to perfection and nobody can come close to topping them.

There exists GREAT Pay Per View brand names out there from WCW… Reuse them. WWE used Great American Bash in the past before and loosely tried Starrcade… But why not push those brand names again, along other older WWE names? I loved me some Halloween Havoc and you could encourage fan participation on that one with dressing up as their favorite wrestling stars, past or present.

FIX Money in the Bank – Title Matches must be announced 24 hours in advance.
Sorry, but the cheap title wins after the current world champion has wrestled a grueling match are over… The cash-in has to be announced in advance, at least 24 hours and not when another title match has already been granted within said 24 hours. Go look at ECW One Night Only from 2006. Would that match not have mattered if Rob Van Dam didn’t announce that Money in the Bank briefcase cash-in ahead of time AND got to name the time/place? Announcing ahead of time allows for “home court advantage” of the challenger, which more than makes up for attempting to cash-in on a wrestle who just fought a tough battle. WWE needs credibility over its World Titles and these cheap cash-ins after another World Title match have really hurt the ones who tried it. Besides Edge, who did it the first time, who has this cash-in really helped? CM Punk did it twice and it didn’t help his career. Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, and others have cashed in and it didn’t boost their careers. You gotta be over to earn a World Title shot and then convincingly win the title to really draw as a champion.

Make Survivor Series matter or delete it.
Survivor Series used to matter… But it mattered when the WWE had fewer Pay Per Views and less exposure. Since Smackdown arrived in 1999, the importance of the multi-man Survivor Series matches has eroded because everybody has wrestled each other so many times on the 4-5 hours of WWE programming weekly. A few years ago, I proposed that the performance in Survivor Series matches SHOULD determine the Royal Rumble entrant process. For example, your 5 on 5 Main Event would determine who has spots within entrants 20-30 and entrants 0-10. Something like that to make this November tradition matter again. There’s a major lack of “sense of urgency” with this event and nobody cares when it’s RAW vs. Smackdown, particularly after the Draft happens.

No more Drafts or Superstar Shake-ups… Whatever you see on each brand, that is set in stone… That said, I’d recommend having a “Rookie Draft” in the weeks after Wrestlemania as a time where RAW and Smackdown wrestlers have a draft of NXT, Developmental, or Free Agents… But not swapping of existing WWE rosters. If needed, the RAW and Smackdown brands could perform midseason TRADES of talents and even include said Draft Picks as trade pieces… Now, this would cause a need for competent authority figures to run each brand…

Need better authority figures for both RAW and Smackdown
And they need to be separate… I’d like to see something like Eric Bischoff or Shane McMahon on RAW and maybe something crazy like Pat McAfee on Smackdown. And they would be rivals, working under budgets for their talent rosters and considering any free agent signings. This would also implicate them for the roster trades and rookie drafts mentioned in my previous point. But go BIG on the GM or Commissioner roles, as we haven’t had any good authority figures since the 2000s when Bischoff was in charge or RAW and Teddy Long was on Smackdown. I just don’t get it with Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce.

Reduce dependency on multi-person matches.
Too many Triple Threats, too many Fatal Four Ways. As I’ve said in the past, think about how ridiculous UFC or Boxing would be with a multi-person match. That said, I did see a multi-person MMA match from somewhere in Europe or Russia in the past and I was dying of laughter from the insanity. It’s just lazy booking, as WWE tries to shove as many people onto Pay Per Views as humanly possible. LESS IS MORE… Not all wrestlers deserve the Pay Per View payouts. Multi-person and relying on gimmick matches = LAZY BOOKING.

Improve Contendership for Titles
I always hate RAW or Smackdowns after a Pay Per View because the WWE usually slaps together Triple Threats, Fatal Four Ways, or some kind of Beat the Clock kind of matches to create new contender. Just stupid and rushed. If you had a valid contender system, then the next person up would get a shot and would appear credible in that spot as well. In addition, with a strong US/IC title in place, you’d have FEWER wrestlers needing to be pushed towards the World Title and thus you can plan things better and not have to rely on my prior point about multi-person matches. One thing that I like about AEW is how they try to emphasize that wins and losses matter, and while they have flaws, a better thought out process to determine contenders and making a list public could do wonders. WWE just needs credibility surrounding its titles and a contender build-up process, and then the could do wonders with drawing attention to said matches fighting over contendership or the titles.

Make Commercials feel less intrusive.
Nothing like seeing entrances of wrestlers and then we go straight to commercial. Then, while you’re in the middle of a good match, and we go right into commercial again. Again, it’s a production issue but also the product of rushing the creative on a show. WWE needs to space things out better and not have commercials that can ruin momentum.

Revamp the Creative Team significantly.
I’m normally against people losing their jobs, but could someone show me what 50 writers has produced for the last 5 years besides lower viewership and lower attendance? Significantly shrink that staff and incorporate more former wrestlers onto that staff for ideas. How is it that the Attitude Era produced more quality with fewer people than the current era does with 50 people? And could someone PLEASE show me what Dana Warrior has produced as a member of this team? Triple H needs to add former wrestlers to this team, while someone like Road Dogg isn’t the answer (big mistake, see his 2017 Smackdown run), his other friends Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash might have some good ideas. Both Waltman and Nash speak intelligently about the wrestling business on their own podcasts or other shows. Kevin Nash gets hell for his late 1998 and early 1999 WCW Creative Team contributions, but he was part of a big team of disfunction and Hogan/Bischoff pushed for that whole Goldberg Starrcade and Fingerpoke of Doom mess. Nash joined the Creative Team when WCW was dysfunctional and he wasn’t the one signing the overpriced talent who had title demands promised by Bischoff. Guys like Mick Foley, Edge, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin (if he’s willing), Undertaker (if he’s willing), etc. should all be considered for joining the Creative Team.

Place Paul Heyman in charge of NXT’s Creative Team.
NXT needs to look and feel different from the WWE… It needs a severe contrast from what Triple H will be presenting on RAW and Smackdown. Heyman is your guy and he has a vast history of coaching up talents to exceed their own skillset and get their own gimmicks over. What you need is NXT to look and feel different than RAW or Smackdown, and Heyman is the best employee available on the WWE roster to do that.

Change trainers at WWE Developmental System for Males
Sorry, but Matt Bloom isn’t cutting it with training male wrestlers. He has been the lead training since 2014 and wrestlers aren’t ready for prime time WWE when they are called up. Furthermore, wrestlers from NXT are lacking in personality and cannot cut promos. Gee, who would have thought that wouldn’t work from a guy whose characters never had personalities or cut good promos? Though Shawn Michaels works hard at the Developmental System, he’s too much of a natural and just doesn’t understand how to teach his natural skillset to younger wrestlers. Look at Pat McAfee… He was trained by Rip Rogers, who was one of the trainers of the highly successful Ohio Valley Wrestling system. Hire Rip Rogers and give him a staff of assistants whom he can train to create a succession plan for Rogers. Consider utilizing Paul Heyman more often for promo and personality training, too.

Bridge the gap with former WWE stars that hated Vince McMahon
The Ultimate Warrior and Bruno Sammartino both returned to the WWE thanks to Triple H’s dealings with both men. The Warrior had major past issues with Vince McMahon and Triple H negotiated with him for a return. Think about that for a second, too… HHH was one of the ones on that Warrior DVD who bashed the crap out of the Ultimate Warrior for their Wrestlemania 12 match, yet HHH convinced Warrior to return to the WWE. The ultimate fish was Bruno Sammartino, who HATED Vince McMahon personally for decades for the way Vince Jr. operated after his dad and also for the steroid issues. There are many other wrestlers out there who haven’t come back due to issues with Vince, whether it was over money, copyright battles, or concussion lawsuits. For example, DEMOLITION. That is arguably the most successful WWE tag team and yet they aren’t celebrated on WWE television at all. Both members are STILL ALIVE and should be celebrated. Get them into the damn Hall of Fame already! If Triple H can bring back Warrior and Bruno, he could bring back anyone (except maybe CM Punk).

Think about revamping wrestler contracts, allowing for benefit payments.
Currently, WWE wrestlers are “independent contractors” in that they work for a particular sum of money for a particular time period, with bonuses factored in with event and merchandise payouts. If wrestlers do get injured within the ring, the WWE does pay the bill for any surgical procedures needed and agrees to keep said wrestlers employed until cleared by doctors. However, there are no other Health Insurance benefits other than that and zero pensions. There are no Payroll taxes, meaning that unless wrestlers pay into Social Security, they won’t have much to collect when they become older. One way that WWE could improve this is to offer 401K defined benefit plans, possibly with WWE stock involved. This places “skin in the game”, as wrestlers are getting some form of retirement pension but they would also work hard, on their end, to help maximize the value of that WWE Stock.


Place Vince McMahon into the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame class, but with Vince McMahon apologizing sincerely within the speech up front.
First and foremost, Vince McMahon deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. As far as we know, there are no charges coming to him by authorities for any criminal activity. These are just bad workplace decisions made by Vince and as far as we know, it was consensual though usually with some kind of odd workplace promise attached… With that said, in his Hall of Fame speech, he needs to show a humble side of him for losing the company that he loved and sincerely apologize for his actions that hurt his family, those affected by his actions, and the fans. It’s a good time to suggest that maybe he has been impaired on his decision making for the last 15 years or so. After that, he can give one big speech about his wrestling career as a promoter as a final means to say “goodbye” to the WWE fanbase. While his up to $20 million actions with NDAs in place are deplorable, along with other past business decisions, his purchase of the WWE and pushing it national was a major achievement that deserves honoring. WWE is an empire and Vince gave us decades of great entertainment to enjoy while giving us an awesome WWE Network that has preserved many great moments from the past. With Vince out of the WWE, I fear for his health and sanity moving forward and worry that we won’t see him around for that much longer. Past transgressions aside, he deserves a moment to say “goodbye” to his fans while also showing a humble side to apologize publicly for past mistakes that he made. This would fully allow everyone involved with Vince and the WWE to move on, though I worry about this suggestion if the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) drops the hammer on lying about WWE Financials for many years…

That said, many WWE fans are still very loyal to Vince McMahon and his brand of wrestling… Some fan service to them could go a long way to building bridges of loyalty to Stephanie/Triple H.


So there you go… Valid suggestions to improve the WWE and many of which are actually SIMPLE to implement. If you enjoyed what you read, then forward this along to Stephanie and Triple H’s social media or email it to the WWE (if you know where to send it).

Otherwise, I don’t have much left in my “wrestling basement” to deliver to you… Thus, I shall return to the Retirement Home for Wrestling Columnists until more breaking news causes me to want to write again.

Also, remember to “anchor that DP” as the great Lexington Steele recommends (that’s for you, Bernie!).

So just chill until I decide to write again.

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