MR. TITO: My LAUGHTER at the 2023 Wrestling Observer Awards – Is Tony Khan Gonna Be OK?

Usually, I LAUGH at the annual Wrestling Observer Awards, as voted by the Dave Meltzer cult members who are still subscribing to the newsletter for Dave’s opinions on wrestling. They certainly are not subscribing for the news any longer, as Dave has lost all of his WWE scoops and appears to withhold AEW inside news (Sean Ross Sapp is constantly breaking AEW stories instead). Most of the time, the shrinking subscriber base (or at least 2023’s lower voter turnout suggests) eats from Dave’s hand and votes exactly as he would.

2023’s Observer Awards are no different, but with a few exceptions to discuss.

For example, the Wrestler of the Year, Most Outstanding Wrestler, and the Tag Team of the Year have been ruled by AEW or New Japan wrestlers. Will Ospreay won both the singles awards, while FTR won the tag team. That is DESPITE Roman Reigns and the Usos packing houses for the past 3 years in the WWE, but no awards for them.

In fact, for “Most Overrated”, Roman Reigns came in SECOND… Are you kidding me??? Yet, somehow, they voted him as Best Box Office Draw. So, Roman is voted as overrated to some, but best box office draw… And how is the best box office draw not factored into Wrestler of the Year or Most Outstanding Wrestler. You know, consistency is an asset…

For best non-wrestler, Don Callis won it over Paul Heyman. Now that is a JOKE. With due respect to Callis who has always been talented, but Paul Heyman is a highly effective part of the Bloodline team. He is among the best managers of all time and still brings his A-game each week on Smackdown. But again, let’s consider who is voting here.

AEW also won the best Major Wrestling Show award with AEW Revolution, while in a hilarious move, AEW Dynamite and AEW Collision were #1 and #2 for Best Television Show above Smackdown at #3. Isn’t that hilarious. Fine, make your arguments about Dynamite, but Collision is a TURD of a show and drawing poor numbers since CM Punk left. You Observer readers have zero taste!

Yet, we get to these 3 interesting awards… So these same AEW diehards who eat out of Dave’s hand, somehow recognized the TRUTH in pro wrestling right now.

WWE > AEW by a mile, especially for the past 2 years.

The usually biased shrinking Observer fanbase voted the following:

• Promotion of the Year: WWE
• Promoter of the Year: Nick Khan (Vince McMahon was obviously cancelled)
• Booker of the Year: Triple H

Now, AEW and Tony Khan in the latter 2 categories placed 2nd… But I’m wondering, why hasn’t Tony Khan been bragging about winning 2nd place for Promoter and Booker of the Year?

Hey, didn’t the AEW social media accounts post heavily about Tony winning Booker and Promoter of the Year for 2021 and 2022? Pretty sure they did…

Yet, we have nothing but silence with placing 2nd in these biased newsletter awards from the Observer cult.

Because the FACT is that even the Dave Meltzer diehard fans know that WWE was truly superior during 2023… WWE was better during 2022, but AEW fans had to stuff the ballot box to keep up the lie. WWE was better with Triple H as their booker during 2023, while WWE was truly better during 2022 as well with Triple H in charge. WWE has done nothing but explode in growth while Tony just explodes all over himself from the fantasy land that he’s created for himself.

But as you can see from the OTHER votes, the Observer cult knows which promotion had a better year.

And yet, anytime that I’m merely critical of AEW, the AEW marks around here at NoDQ go on the attack. They’ll call NoDQ as an “anti-AEW” site, demand that they cancel my columns, or just shame any fans who might like the WWE in the comments section (one jerk was calling WWE fans as “pedos” for liking the WWE!).

Yet, the biggest AEW marks who collectively eat the table scraps of Dave Meltzer just voted WWE the promotion of the year and Nick Khan/Triple H as Promoter/Booker of the Year instead of Tony Khan.

How do you like them apples?

Sweet vindication tastes so good!

Now, AEW marks of the Observer newsletter… Start picking real draws for Wrestler of the Year, mmmmkay? Roman Reigns deserves that award and you know it.

Seriously, someone hide all of the sharp objects from Tony Khan. This one has to hurt, as he previously used AEW’s social media accounts to brag about his previous awards. What, 2nd place isn’t good enough? The San Francisco 49ers got to the Super Bowl, but everyone focuses in on losing the big game. Yet, just getting to that game is an achievement.

Creating a wrestling promotion out of thin air and convincing a major Cable/Satellite channel provider to put its shows on prime time is the real award. Being 2nd isn’t shameful, either. Fact is that wrestlers have more opportunities to perform, shine, and get paid than ever before. Don’t get upset by not winning Booker/Promoter of the year, be happy for the progress made within the past 5 years. Just be patient, trust in the right people backstage, and you’ll be fine.

But many of you diehard AEW marks need to recognize that the WWE is legitimately great right now and maybe going to get better. Meanwhile, AEW had a though year especially after Wembley Stadium.

Just facts between higher viewership, higher social media volume, higher attendance, and merchandise sales… AEW’s tanked after they terminated CM Punk, who would later rejoin the WWE himself.

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