MR. TITO: Bill Goldberg is a Fool for Bashing Vince McMahon, the Man Who Rebuilt his WWE Career

For the past few years as a columnist, I have DEFENDED Bill Goldberg and WWE’s use of him. While many WWE fans, who possibly didn’t watch WCW during the late 1990s, were upset at the WWE using a 50 year old guy to mow through their talent, I was there to defend him because I understood his star power. He was a draw for WCW during 1998 at a time when the NWO stuff ran its course and he remained one of their bigger names despite the entire WCW ship sinking. In fact, I wrote a column on November 19th, 2023 defending Bill Goldberg and I still stand by that column.


What I don’t stand by is complete ignorance and disrespect. Did you see what Bill Goldberg recently said about Vince McMahon?


Vince is like Dana White. He’s the big boss and he makes everything happen, and in all honesty, he gave me the opportunity to put my wife and son on the front row and gave me the ability to perform again in front of them. So, I owe him everything, until we went to Saudi Arabia and he asked me to put Roman Reigns over, and I had COVID.

I remember calling him from my house and said, ‘Listen, here is the deal. I’ll do it if you give me a retirement match.’ I did what he asked. As a performer, I was 56 years old. As a human being, you’re conscientious about how you look in a bathing suit, especially two months prior to being in that bathing suit, you couldn’t work out because you had COVID. I put myself in a horribly shitty situation to get what I wanted to, but to satiate him and give him what he wanted. Problem is, he never held up his bargain. Vince is a piece of s*** as far as I’m concerned.


First of all, Bill Goldberg, you literally admit the great things that Vince McMahon did for you… “I owe him everything” because “gave me the opportunity to perform again” in front of your wife and son. But that’s part of the story… Vince paid you MILLIONS to wrestle maybe up to 3 times a year, IF THAT?

Goldberg’s WWE career from 2016 through 2022:

• Survivor Series 2016 – Defeated Brock Lesnar
• Royal Rumble 2017
• Fastlane 2017 – Defeated Kevin Owens win become WWE Universal Champ (!!!)
• Wrestlemania 33 (2017) – Lost to Brock Lesnar
• Super Showdown 2019 (Saudi Arabia) Lost to the Undertaker
• SummerSlam 2019 – Defeated Dolph Ziggler
• WWE Super Showdown 2020 (Saudi Arabia) – Defeated The Fiend (Bray Wyatt) to become WWE Universal Champ (!!!)
• Wrestlemania 36 (2020) – Lost to Braun Strowman
• Royal Rumble 2021 – Lost to Drew McIntyre (WWE Title shot)
• SummerSlam 2021 – Lost to Bobby Lashley (WWE Title shot)
• Crown Jewel 2021 (Saudi Arabia) – Defeated Bobby Lashley
• Elimination Chamber 2022 (Saudi Arabia) – Lost to Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Title shot)

So let me get this straight… Vince McMahon is a “piece of s***” because he paid you MILLIONS and REBUILT YOUR STARPOWER to allow you to wrestle THIS light of a schedule?

2016: 1 match
2017: 3 matches
2018: 0 matches
2019: 2 matches
2020: 2 matches
2021: 3 matches
2022: 1 match
Grand Total = 12 Matches in 7 years (1.7 matches per year, on average)

Are you kidding me?!?


2 World Title reigns and a 5-6 record (excluding the Rumble) against some of WWE’s biggest names at the time and in big spots on Premium Live Events. Oh, did I just say only on PLEs? That’s right, you NEVER wrestled on RAW or Smackdown! Ever! Not a single Houseshow, either!

The easiest schedule humanly possible that paid you millions and REBUILT your career while in your 50s.

Bill Goldberg, do you not remember what a FAILURE your 2003-2004 run in WWE was? Sure, the WWE had their own issues creatively during that time, but as I always say, GREAT TALENT OVERCOMES BAD CREATIVE. Your 2003-2004 run sucked and was a letdown in comparison of you being the follow-up act to the great New World Order storyline during late 1997 and throughout 1998. Your WWE matches during 2003-2004 just sucked, period. They did… Go watch your match against the Rock on the Pay Per View following Wrestlemania 19. He tried his best to sell everything for you, yet even that match was uneventful.

But the WWE rehabbed your career not just as a wrestling superstar, but as a WWE superstar. They even put you in their WWE Hall of Fame despite your shallow career, then, with the WWE. Since Vince is such a “piece of s***”, are you gonna return that WWE Hall of Fame ring and not advertise it when you make autograph appearances?

And you’re upset because Vince didn’t give you your precious retirement match. Huh? You didn’t have a wrestling career BEFORE WWE brought your career back using life support during 2016. Your 2003-2004 WWE run was uneventful, fool! As far as I’m concerned, WWE revitalizing your brand in your freakin’ 50s is an AMAZING retirement gift. You made extra millions, barely had to work for it, and now you’re a bigger household name that can appear anywhere with his REAL NAME. That’s right, your REAL NAME was used whereas all of the other WWE talents have stage names given to them and the copyrights to those names are owned by the WWE!

Exactly what constitutes the WWE giving you a “retirement match”? The false promise of putting over Roman Reigns?

But what made you earn that retirement match? Your matches in the WWE have sucked… Go rewatch that Undertaker match and try not to cringe, or either Lashley match. The other matches involved Owens, Ziggler, Lesnar, or Wyatt bumping for you the absolute best they could. You’re just not a good wrestler during your 50s and we can see you sucking wind out there. Again, if it weren’t for us 1990s fans who are totally nostalgic for anything that happened during 1996-2001, you wouldn’t have this support. We’ve propped you up and WWE has been attentive of our nostalgia.

Let’s go further into this “retirement match” deal… Your last match was on February 19th, 2022 against Roman Reigns. Thank you for putting him over, hope you enjoyed the private plane that delivered you to and from that event while the rest of the talent had to ride a chartered plane. Cool? But what happened to the WWE after February 2022?

The guy who promised you your “retirement” match, Vince McMahon, actually “retired” (or resigned) himself on July 22nd, 2022 as Board Chairman & President/CEO and remained on the sidelines until early 2023. Thus, for the rest of 2022, he could give you that retirement match… Shouldn’t you be blaming Triple H? Since June/July 2022, Triple H has been in charge of Talent Relations for the WWE. Thus during March 2023 when your contract came up, HE chose not to renew it.

Yes, Vince McMahon came back and forced his way back onto the WWE Board during early 2023, but Vince’s focus wasn’t on granting retirement matches, but on selling the WWE company to a buyer and then his focus became obtaining new TV rights. Exactly where could Vince McMahon’s schedule be adjusted to CARE about Bill Goldberg’s retirement match, especially with Endeavor wanting Vince to focus on the corporate duties of the TKO corporation? He’s NOT managing day-to-day activities of the WWE, nor is he booking the talent or matches. That’s Triple H. Why aren’t you blaming him, especially as he was Talent Relations EVP during March 2023 when your WWE contract expired?

You’re a doofus, Bill Goldberg. WWE gave you incredible wealth and made you into a household wrestling name once again, and this is how you repay them? Whining about putting over the WWE’s top star, Roman Reigns, and not getting your retirement match? That makes Vince McMahon a “piece of s***”? Especially when circumstances of Vince McMahon’s position CHANGED during 2022 to legitimately be unable to fulfill that promise personally? You’re out of your mind, Bill.

If Vince is such a “piece of s***”, then hand back ALL of those millions of dollars for working 1.7 matches per year along with denouncing your WWE Hall of Fame induction. Then, NEVER AGAIN should you EVER mention being in the WWE within any of your autograph or appearance advertisements.

You said that you came back to set an example for your son… What kind of example are you setting by appearing so entitled?

I’m done defending Bill… I’ve defended him for the past few years as a loyal WCW fan while the younger portions of the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) hammered him. Unleash the “hounds of hell on him” now, please, as I will no longer stand in your way.

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