Mansfield’s Matchups: WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2022 Predictions

Well, it’s WARGAMES!!! (Gosh, I miss William Regal doing this, but thank you Sheamus and Butch for trying). For the first time ever, the WarGames match will be showcased on one of the original Big 4 PLE’s, Survivor Series. Survivor Series has sort of been the PLE everyone has kinda not cared about as much for a few years, except when they added NXT to the mix for the brand supremacy run after the brand-split was reintroduced. So much so that Vince even wanted to retire Survivor Series in 2010, over TWELVE years ago!! While there is no traditional Survivor Series tag match this year, which kinda sucks, I think this will be a very good chance to give WarGames exposure to the fans who have never seen a WarGames match before. And besides, this card is BEAUTIFUL!!! If anything, this year may just make us care about Survivor Series again. So, this is Mansfield’s Matchups for WWE Survivor Series WARGAMES 2022, and let’s get to it!!

Ronda Rousey ( c ) w/Shayna Baszler vs. Shotzi

Boy it’s nice to have Shotzi’s tank back. What happens to her Saturday, well, that won’t be so nice, unfortunately. Shotzi has been a big favorite of Triple H for a long time, so it’s no surprise to see her get this shot. Shotzi is also one of my favorites, so I’m ecstatic to see her get this shot. Only part is…’s against the Baddest Woman on the Plant, who Shotzi really doesn’t have a shot against (pun not intended, I swear, Shotzi!). I have liked the story thus far, and Friday really made me want Shotzi to win even more. Even though the winner is not in any doubt, I wonder if they’ll start teasing a Ronda/Shayna fall out or feud with this, cause that’s a match I really want to see. Love Shotzi, so I’m sorry.

WINNER – Ronda Rousey (champion retains)

Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley

So… this an all heel Triple Threat? Or whose supposed to be the babyface? I think Seth? Either way, this match will be fun. I’ll admit, when Theory failed his cash-in, I LOVED it!! I was not a Theory guy, thought he should’ve never had the Money in the Bank contract, and if Triple H was actually gonna salvage anything at all out of him and prevent what happened to Roman to happen to Theory, Triple H needed to DESTROY the version of Austin Theory we knew. And destroy him he did. Now, granted, I’m still not an Austin Theory guy, but this version is better. Bobby Lashley being a dominant monster again is beautiful. And Seth “Freakin” Rollins is Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Was a bit surprised Mustafa Ali wasn’t added to make this a Fatal 4-Way, but this should be fun either way. Oh, and Seth’s retaining hands down.

WINNER – Seth Rollins (champion retains)

Finn Balor w/The Judgment Day (Damien Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley) vs. A.J. Styles w/The O.C. (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) and Mia Yim

BANGER ALERT!!! This is the first time since 2017 that these two have had a match one on one, and only the second time EVER in WWE. Which is absolutely insane. These two are so good, I don’t even think Triple H needs to assign a producer to this match. Just send them out there and tell them to do their thing. Now, let’s not forget about the story. This has been so great getting to bring all their history into this from The Bullet Club. A.J. was the face of TNA and Finn was the face of the Indies. And, on top of that, both of these factions are just so good. Triple H really took The Judgment Day to the next level, and bringing the O.C. in (who are still working with New Japan, lest we forget) opens so many “doors” to so much more. This is probably the match I’m most excited for, if I’m being honest, and as much as my heart wants Balor to win, I’m going with my gut and picking A.J. Styles so he can get his first PLE singles win since 2019.

WINNER – A.J. Styles


Team Belair (Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Mia Yim, and Becky Lynch) vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky), Nikki Cross, and Rhea Rippley)

The Man has come around!! After making us wait till the 11th hour, Bianca Belair revealed on SmackDown that the final member of her WarGames team was Becky Lynch. Waiting that long, it pretty much had to be Becky or Sasha for that crowd *not* to turn on this match. I’m excited for this match, but not as much as the Men’s match. Something BIG needs to happen in this match somehow. What, I’m not sure. There’s so many moving parts. As to who starts this match, I would love it for it to be Asuka and Iyo Sky, honestly. Just let these two start and do their thing. I also wonder how Iyo will steal the show in this match this year like she typically does. Bianca, Rhea, Iyo, and Dakota all have WarGames experience while the other four do not. So it will remain to be seen how that effects the action. Either way, I think Team Bayley wins, despite Becky just coming back, with Rhea or Bayley getting the pin on either Alexa or Bianca.

WINNERS – Damage CTRL, Nikki Cross, and Rhea Ripley

The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, Jimmy & Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn) w/Paul Heyman vs. The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge Holland), Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens

IT’S FIGHT NIGHT!!!! Well. This match sure got a LOT more interesting for sure!! Like most, I’m normally against the babyfaces having the advantage in this match, but for this specific WarGames match, it makes perfect sense for Roman to come in last and wreck everyone up. The build up has been so good I honestly have no clue how they end this one. But, it should objectively start with Sami and Kevin being made to go at it. Thankfully Kevin is healthy enough to be in this match. And with the little seeds planted on SmackDown, I would not be surprised if Jey sets it up so Sami eats the pin and finally starts the build to The Bloodline kicking out Sami. Now, let’s not forget everyone else in this. The Brawling Brutes are on a roll, and Sheamus should objectively challenge Roman for the title at the Royal Rumble. As much as it makes sense for The Bloodline to dominate, I think *now* is when they need to start the Sami teases and have him eat the finish.

WINNERS – The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens