Main Eventers Main Event: I get so tired of some of the things that people complain about

Alright, I try hard to be as positive as I can in these parts because wrestling fandom can become a very toxic place. For this piece, I just can’t do it. I get so tired of some of the things that people complain about in the wrestling space, that I just want to scream. The latest crying-fest from the wrestling community has been the presence of the Judgment Day in the main event of Raw on a consistent basis. Now, before I rip this to shreds, I will say that I don’t like it when things get repetitive either. I hated it when the exact same damn match was on Raw or Smackdown every single freaking week during the late stages of pre-retirement Vince McMahon. That being said, I will never bitch about top stars getting top star spots. I hated that nonsense when Cena was the top guy and I hate it now. PEOPLE WHO ARE MAIN EVENTERS ARE GOING TO MAIN EVENT THE DAMN SHOW. What are we talking about here? Seriously?

Variety is absolutely welcome when there’s a match or a story that deserves the main event spot. The last two weeks saw Becky Lynch face Zoey Starks and Gunther face Chad Gable in the main event of Raw. Awesome! I loved it. But, when Judgment Day was all over the main event during the summer, I wasn’t complaining about that either because they’re the top heels on the show. They’re going to be in the main events. That’s how it works. Did we do this to Hulk Hogan back in the day, to Bret Hart when he was the top guy, Steve Austin during the Attitude Era? Was it a problem for the NWO to be in top spots on Nitro during their run? Or Ric Flair when he was the man? Of course not. That doesn’t mean we have to get the exact same thing every week, but holy hell people. We can’t complain when tops stars get top star treatment. It’s ridiculous.

Having some variety could also be a detriment in some cases. I look at how the top stars of AEW are booked. I wish Tony Khan would treat his top stars more like top stars and book them in the main event slot of Dynamite on a more consistent basis. That doesn’t mean Kenny Omega or MJF should be in a match in the main event of Dynamite every single week, but damn, can they go on last a little bit more. Your stops stars, man or woman, need to be showcased as such. You can switch it up for sure, but I feel like AEW might get a boost in the ratings if Tony Khan would lean in to more of his top stars getting booked in the top spots.

On the flip side, like I mentioned earlier, doing the EXACT SAME THING every week sucks. It shows a lack of creativity and a lack of care for what you’re putting on TV. Such was the case when Vince McMahon was running all of WWE in recent years before his phony retirement. Every single week it would be the same matches with the same people over and over again. It was brutal. I stopped watching on a consistent basis because of practices like that. I would follow what was happening and watch something on the show that I liked while skipping the nonsense. It’s like Vince would completely forget what happened the week before and then just do the exact same thing. Since he was head of creative, there was nothing anyone could do about it because the final decisions were all his. Under Triple H, the repetitiveness has decreased dramatically. Even though Judgment Day was all over the main event this summer, it wasn’t the exact same thing every single week. Repetitive? Sure. That doesn’t mean that Judgment Day didn’t deserve to be in that spot.

Top stars need to be treated like top stars, plain and simple. I’m not going to complain about wrestlers getting their just due just because they’re booked in a consistent spot week-to-week. When Hogan was the man, he was the main event. When Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were on top, they were the main event. When Stone Cold and The Rock were the top stars, they were in the main event. When it was Ric Flair, he main evented shows. When Cena was the man, he was in the main event. I wish AEW would book their top stars in the main event a little more.