Jay’s Ways – Zelina Vega Returning To WWE

Zelina Vega is reportedly on her way back to WWE.

According to Figthful.com (great source), she has been spotted at the Performance Center, and it isn’t just a one off visit. She is there filming content and WWE return is supposedly the plan. For what it’s worth, Dave Meltzer over at the Wrestling Observer has confirmed the basic details of the story. Yes, Zelina Vega is more than likely returning to WWE – the company that let her go months back.

For those that are not aware, she was released back in November 2020 after being steadfast about the new company’s third party policy. Basically, her Twitch channel had to be shut down, and her newly opened (non nudes) OnlyFans also was not allowed. Vega didn’t budge and made her case, as did others. She didn’t relent, while others eventually backed down. WWE had no choice but to fine, suspend or yes, fire her. They let her go to the shock of the WWE Universe, and moments after this, she posted on Twitter that she supports unionization.

Wrestling fans poured in with support, financially and otherwise, and it seemed to be a total backing of Vega. After a few weeks though, the momentum died down. The support seemingly went away, as her Twitch channel lost steam…and reality may have set in. Making WWE money versus making Twitch money WITHOUT a worldwide audience to promote to would be difficult.

Her husband, Aleister Black, is already at WWE, and she is immensely talented. She deserves to be featured in the biggest company in the industry. She is GREAT! Make no mistake about it, she is very good as an on screen character. it sucked to see her go over something so silly, even if she did feel so passionate about it. Who knows if the same rules will apply now that she is rumored to be on her way back? Maybe WWE gave in on her demands? Maybe she backed down and apologized? No idea on that front.

Either way, I am beyond excited that Vega is back in the WWE fold again. I even made a video on Youtube about it…

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)