Jay’s Ways – Oh Mickie, You’re So Fine

Hey, how’s it going? Before diving into more wrazzlin’ fun, let me plug all of my lovely eBay goodies. Yes, it is professional wrestling related!

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Alright, enough of that. Now to today’s topic – the Women’s Royal Rumble match…

When I saw that Charlotte Flair was coming out to the ring last week on Smackdown, I went to the bathroom. Not even joking. I got up and said ‘Oh, I won’t miss much.’ I like Charlotte. I think she is great and have defended her many times throughout the past few years, but yea, I had no desire to watch this upcoming segment. Then I hear her talking about the upcoming Womens Rumble match.

Okay, I leaned forward and tried to hear the living room television set. Okay, maybe it will be something good here? Then they started airing a video package! I am a sucker for WWE video promos, so I waddled myself out of the bathroom to get a better look in the hallway. Oh shoot, they are announcing entrants for the bout. Rhea Ripley, Natalya, Carmella, nice, nice, nice. Summer Rae? Lita? The Bella Twins? Kelly Kelly? Michelle McCool?!?! With every legend being listed, I let out a “WHAT?” By the time Mickie James was revealed, I had let out my loudest “WHAT?!?!” I couldn’t believe it.

Then it went back to Charlotte in the ring. At that point, I put the pieces together and knew she was going to announce her spot as well. A nice twist on things. Reminds me of the 2020 Brock Lesnar story. Champion won’t win but will have a strong showing and likely set up their next feud. I’m cool with it, and the dynamic fits The Queen persona as she thinks she is better than everybody else and just looking for more accolades to add to her already stacked resume. I can dig it.

As great as Lita is and as mainstream as the Bella Twins are, one names immediately started trending on Twitter following the segment: Mickie James! Guilty as charged because as awesome as the other legends are, she has something that none of them do.

She is a current champion in a rival company.

Mind. Blown. This is where the column really begins. We have to break this down point by point.

Didn’t Mickie James just get fired by WWE?

Yes, she did…and like many others, they always come back. They always do folks. Zelina Vega spoke so much nonsense about WWE after being let go. However, once that phone call came, she answered and was right back at the Performance Center. Make no mistake, legends come and go. Goldust has been let go from the WWE like 11 times or something. No doubt Chris Jericho, Big Show, Mark Henry and others will all be back eventually. Just how things work. WWE is the biggest company in this profession. If Mickie gets an offer to do something at the Rumble or even WrestleMania, um yeah, she will return in a heartbeat. Don’t let any fans or Twitter rants say otherwise. She can ‘trash’ the company all day long…until they come calling. I don’t blame her one bit.

What about her as the current Impact Knockouts Champion?

What about it? Who cares, honestly? TNA Impact Wrestling is so far below any sort of competition or worry to WWE. That is why they had no issues asking for Mickie to appear in the Rumble. Remember when Rob Van Dam showed up to Raw a few years back while still being in Impact? Nobody cared, and it didn’t matter one way or another. Ric Flair was in TNA, and WWE was openly advertising him for a Four Horsemen WWE Hall of Fame induction. They eventually worked out an agreement, and it was set. There have been plenty of examples. Personally, I just assumed Mickie would be dropping the title (to Deonna) before the Rumble. That doesn’t look like it’ll happen now but still. With the title or not, what is Impact going to do? Say no? If the talent in question wants to return, they will return. Nobody there is going to deny Mickie James a Royal Rumble spot. Please.

Will she come to the ring with the title belt?

Well, if that was part of the deal, then yes. A quick mention, like they did on Smackdown after the big Rumble announcement would suffice. Not a soul in the world cares about tuning into AXS Thursday nights for Impact, much less if Mickie was in the Rumble or not. There won’t be some huge bump in viewership or added buzz or whatever nonsense. It’ll be a cool moment, and like will move on. If I had to wager, I’d say WWE won’t allow the championship to be worn, especially now that Charlotte Flair is involved. Maybe just list her as champ above her name and stuff during the 10 second entrance. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why did WWE announce this beforehand?

I am proving that theory right now. WWE did it in advance to get some buzz going for their Rumble, which had absolutely NOTHING going on up to that point. Now fans are pumped up and jacked about all the legends returning. Interesting timing on being 24 hours before Impact’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view and Mickie’s title defense. Perhaps THAT was part of the agreement? I have no idea. Surprises work well when they shock fans, but returns being announced ahead of time work all the same. You need a good mix. Some returns can be advertised; others you definitely want to keep under wraps. I am fine with this one being let out early, as the response was huge and will remain that way until bell time.

Okay, so then are we getting surprise entrants or not?

I’d assume so. Bayley could still be a surprise Rumble entrant. What about Asuka? What is going on with Alexa Bliss’ journey back? She could pop up in St. Louis. Is Trish Stratus coming back? Will Sasha Banks be ready to return? There are still 10 entrants left. Only 19 or 20 have been revealed. Lots of room to still bring in different talents, whether it be legends from the past or even independent names from different companies. If WWE is really looking to spice up the Royal Rumble this year (mens and womens), then this may just be the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what else is planned? Mickie James could just be the appetizer to this full course meal.

All in all, I can’t wait for Mickie James to return. Whether it is a one off appearance for 10 minutes or a part of a bigger story line, it doesn’t matter. The Rumble is supposed to have fun characters and surprise entrants return to WWE. As far as any long lasting effects for the industry of any of these wild theories, I put no stock into them. Just like Christian being under WWE contract being at TNA Slammiversary many moons ago or Chris Jericho being on the WWE Network last year – none of it really means much.

The Forbidden Door is not as wide open as folks love to claim. For WWE, maybe it’s just cracked open a little bit…