It’s time for a new Hurt Business in WWE

What do Bobby Lashley, Street Profits, Omos and Bianca Blair have in common? They are all in no man’s land with their babyface personas and lack of progress in the Smackdown division. WWE booking was so atrocious with Bianca that fans were starting to turn on her as they never gave her more than “Hey I am smiling, I am the EST… and I am athletic.” The Street Profits have lost more big time matches and yet always come out with this carefree attitude. And after a dominant and impressive run during the pandemic, Bobby Lashley has been forced to job to Austin Theory… a guy who can’t get over if you lit him on fire. The best thing right now for WWE to do is turn them heel and let them become an edgy group that they are. Let them be the Hurt Business 2.0.

Lashley and Belair were awesome as heels showing a dominant and cocky attitude over in RAW and NXT respectively. Lashley with his combination of arrogance, vicious attitude and touting his MMA career as a legitimate monster. Belair was a force in NXT with her bragging about being the EST of NXT and showcasing a violent streak as well as the cocky and cool attitude. The setup would be perfect as you could book Lashley to come out to save Sheamus from an attack on Pretty Deadly only to turn heel and beat him up. And as the Brawling Brutes come down to save him, they are ambushed by The Street Profits and Omos as Belair joins them.

Here is the main challenge for WWE Creative… let them go all out and full on heel and blur the lines. Imagine of the next night they declare that they are tired of WWE being a racist company and are united to take down the oppressive management. They point out how each has been mistreated by the system and other African American wrestlers were always the B side. That they also represent a new era of black wrestlers in that they are successful, intelligent and no longer going to stay silent.

The timing is perfect for all parties as the Bloodline has nearly collapsed, Judgement Day is over on Raw, and Smackdown is lacking that true #2 heel that can carry the brand. Theory is not it and LA Knight has become the good guy thanks to the fan base. It also allows the Street Profits and Belair to become more interesting rather than their stagnant selves they find themselves thanks to WWE creative. Let Hurt Business 2.0 begin.