It’s Time BAYBAY! I believe Adam Cole has it all

Another week is in the books for AEW, and I am SO EXCITED for what we’re about to get over the next couple of months. In my last piece, I expressed my desire to see Adam Cole finally put Chris Jericho behind him and challenge MJF for the AEW World Championship at ALL In at Wembley Stadium. Not only am I getting my wish, but the feud was kicked off on this past Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite in a fantastic segment where MJF and Cole cut each other down on the mic.

I have been an Adam Cole fan since he arrived in NXT in August 2017. The Undisputed Era, in my opinion, is one of the best factions in WWE history and they were, arguably, the best faction in all of wrestling at their peak. I understand that Bullet Club was still going strong in NJPW, but I admittedly have not watched a lot of that product. However, I am aware of its contributions, and it has been more on my radar ever since Omega vs. Jericho. I have enjoyed their collaborations with AEW as well. Since I did not see a lot of Bullet Club, I can’t comment on its quality vs. the quality I did see from Undisputed Era in NXT. It is a shame that they never got put on the main roster and given the monster push they deserved as WWE’s dominant, pre-Bloodline faction.

I believe Adam Cole has it all. He’s the total package as a wrestler. He can cut it in the ring, he can talk, he has the charisma, and he has the likability to be AEW’s top babyface. To me, he is the perfect foil for MJF. I’m very much looking forward to their match on this week’s show which I believe will ultimately end with shenanigans that will allow this story to play out over the next couple of months, culminating with what I hope will be Cole’s victory at All In in front of 65,000 people.

I was surprised that the feud has started this soon, but I am not complaining about it at all. I thought we would get a little bit more of Jericho vs. Cole leading to a final match that I hoped would see Cole destroy Jericho and leave him behind. However, it appears as if the mixed tag team match between Cole/Dr. Baker and Jericho/Saraya was the blow off for their feud and it’s over, at least for now. Cole got right in MJFs face last week and what could be AEWs biggest and best feud over the summer got off to a fantastic start.

MJF brought up a lot of dirt sheet stuff to throw in Cole’s face and Cole rolled it up into a nice ball and threw it right back in his face. It’s very rare that MJF is matched on the mic with CM Punk being his best partner on the stick during their feud last year. Cole held his own and went toe-to-toe in what will likely be the first of many battles between them on the mic. AEW will have a golden opportunity to crown Adam Cole in front of their largest crowd in August. Even though I understand why WWE has kept the Universal title on Roman Reigns, it is undeniable that they missed a few major opportunities to create an incredible moment for someone else like Drew in Cardiff, Sami in Montreal, and Cody at WrestleMania. Again, I get why Roman kept the title, I do, and he has remained at the top of his game so I’m happy with him as champion for the time being. However, I can’t say I feel the same about MJF. Like I said before, I love his work, but it’s time for a change. That change is Adam Cole BAYBAY!