If I Were In Charge – NoDQ Episode 2 (*Interim* Women’s Title)

If I Were In Charge – NoDQ Episode 2
(*Interim* Women’s Title, Thunder Rosa, Jamie Hayter and…Jade Cargill?!?)

James Bones

First off, I’d like to thank NoDQ and Aaron for posting my first article for NoDQ last week. That was such an amazing surprise and truly a shocker! The way life has been going, it was definitely some much needed positivity. I stopped writing for a different site about 4 years ago but missed it dearly. I also appreciate those of you who took the time to read what I had shared. I don’t expect everyone to agree, far from it, but what I do hope to do is motivate positive discussion. Instead of saying “dumb ideas” or “thank god you’re not in charge”, how about you tell me what you’d rather see happen, or what you’d do if YOU were in charge. I always love observing/thinking over other people’s perspectives and it would be a much healthier way to share ideas and/or “what ifs”. Just imagine if the IWC wasn’t so toxic and communicated better! There is so much forced tribalism it’s actually quite cringe. It’s ok for people to like what they like, and it’s ok for people to disagree – but how about doing it without insults or trying to make someone feel like a complete idiot for liking a certain something. The whole point of my articles is to (hopefully) create positive, creative discussions about what we’d do if we got the books! Definitely feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

This week I wanted to jump into AEW. Specifically, the women’s division. Did you have yourself a “why didn’t they just do that from the start?” moment during Dynamite? I’m sure there was a huge collective of us who said something similar when Renee Paquette announced that Thunder Rosa would be relinquishing the Women’s Title, and that Jamie Hayter would no longer have to carry the horrible “interim” asterisk around with her. Not only that, but Toni Storm’s reign would be officially stripped of the “interim” word as well and be considered a true AEW Women’s Title championship run. Phewww!

Honestly, I don’t think that should have ever been a thing in the first place. I’ve heard the argument “it’s a common thing in boxing, MMA, etc”…ok, cool. This is wrestling, and in my opinion when Tony Khan first did the interim title gig between Sammy Guevara and Cody Rhodes with the TNT Title, it diminished the importance of the title. Every time this has been done in AEW, it has made whichever title feel a little less important to me. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Although I’m really happy Tony Khan had a change of heart and decided to strip Thunder Rosa of the Women’s Title and fully commit to a Jamie Hayter solo run, I would have used the heat that was building towards Thunder Rosa to kill two birds with one stone. The other bird? Jade Cargill, TBS Champion and undefeated midcard title holder. More specifically, getting the TBS Title off Jade Cargill without hurting her undefeated streak.

***Before I explain what I would have done if I were in charge, I’ll fully admit that Jade Cargill is still quite green, but I do believe in her and believe she has the “it” factor more than any female on the roster. With some training on timing and psychology, I truly believe she could be the top female draw in AEW.***

Here’s what I would have done first…not strip Thunder Rosa of the Women’s Title and instead have her continuously tweet as well as show up on Dynamite to realllllly, and I mean realllllllly dig into the fact that she’s the “real AEW Women’s Champion” and that the interim title means nothing. During this, Thunder Rosa would have medical test results with her, arms in a sling, casts, a halo, whatever to make her look like she’s faking her injury and playing everyone for a fool. While we’re at it, have her bring out phony doctors explaining she’s super close to making her return, just a little more time. There is so much potential for heel heat here, especially with Tony Khan trying to have her cleared, only for Thunder Rosa to cry wolf again and again.

At the start of Thunder Rosa’s deep dive into the heel world, I would book Jade Cargill to make a huge announcement. Jade Cargill and the Baddies, along with “Smart” Mark Sterling would come out on Dynamite and announce that Mark Sterling got his famous client, Jade Cargill, a role in a big budget film. Due to the fact this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, Jade Cargill would be taking a few months away to film. Although Jade Cargill is currently booked as a heel, she would say and do the one thing that would plant a huge seed for the future. Jade Cargill would announce she didn’t want to be like that pathetic AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa, and instead she would vacate the TBS Title, explaining she knows damn well when she comes back she can take whatever title she wants. The crowd cheers due to the ever brewing hate towards Thunder Rosa. This would free up the TBS Title and allow it to do what it’s suppose to be doing – which is to build up the lower to midcard women’s division, and give more TV time & storylines to the ladies.

Now how would I get Thunder Rosa even more heat? Like nuclear heat? After playing games and dodging a unification match, Tony Khan would finally put his foot down. The match would be happening no matter what, and the AEW doctors have cleared Thunder Rosa regardless of what her own quack doctors have said. Jamie Hayter would finally have her chance to remove that annoying “interim” word from the books.

The deck would be stacked against Thunder Rosa, except Thunder Rosa would outsmart them all (for now). Playing possum in the ring, Thunder Rosa would trick an unsuspecting Jamie Hayter and steal the pin. This would make Thunder Rosa the legitimate AEW Women’s Champion….that damn jezebel! (Right, JR!?) At this point the crowd would want her head on a stake! Booking wise, I’d make sure Thunder Rosa would quickly go back to playing the “too injured to wrestle” heel so she could keep her dirty little hands on that Women’s Title, making any excuse possible not to wrestle or defend it. Excuses, excuses, excuses!! <— Very important!

Now, a few months have gone by and Tony Khan would give Thunder Rosa a final ultimatum the crowd has been waiting for. It’s now or never, Thunder Rosa. Defend the AEW Women’s Title or lose it. The main event tonight will consist of Thunder Rosa defending the AEW Women’s Title or it’s officially vacated. The crowd eats it up like candy. Thunder Rosa, however, freaks out and vows she’ll get her way. Throughout the show members of Britt Baker’s entourage would be shown taken out backstage. Jamie Hayter would definitely not be getting a rematch tonight. If not anyone in the D.M.D. crew, who would it be?

Jeez, there’s Thunder Rosa standing in the ring mouthing off the live crowd and Tony Khan, saying there’s no one out there on her level. The crowd, Tony Khan and the IWC at this point are so sick of Thunder Rosa, it doesn’t matter who at this point, we just want anyone to take the title off her. Thunder Rosa has done her job as a heel, and we’ve played into it like the IWC tends to do. Fans have started to legit hate her – a sign of a true artist.

Here we go, the big main event title match. The music hits and we hear the infamous “a storm…haha…is coming”. The pomp and circumstance is real, and Jade Cargill makes her way out looking like a million bucks with Mark and The Baddies firmly behind her. The crowd goes nuts at this huge turn of events. Jade Cargill’s face turn is now complete and the crowd is more than excited to see her kick Thunder Rosa’s ass, and an ass kicking by Jade Cargill is pretty much a given with the amazing undefeated streak. In the ring, Thunder Rosa plays the part of the scared, shook heel champ. It definitely wouldn’t be a long match, as I would have Jade Cargill destroy Thunder Rosa and move on to become the AEW Women’s Champion. Voila, a main event talent is made.

If I were in charge, I would have loved to see the whole “interim, everyone hating on Thunder Rosa” story play out like this. I know Thunder Rosa is a talented performer, but I also know she’s smart enough to see there’s big money being a heel like this and using the legit heat from her injured time off. I also want to see Jade Cargill drop that damn TBS Title. That title should be keeping the midcard women busy and helping to elevate them. Keeping it stuck on Jade Cargill just isn’t the answer IMO. Is Jade Cargill the greatest wrestler on the roster? No, she’s not even close! But what other woman on the roster has that “it” factor and larger than life character feeling she gives off? No one that I can see. Jade Cargill’s hungry. This would have been one hell of a way to let her eat!

Thanks for taking the time to read this whether you’re a fan of Jade Cargill or not. If you’re new to AEW, check her out. She’s absolutely got the look and the hunger to be the best. If you’re familiar with the situation, you know this could have been turned into something much better with the hate Thunder Rosa was starting to get. If you were in charge, what would you have changed? Is there something different you would have preferred to see instead of a random announcement on Dynamite? Feel free to share in the comment section below.