I just genuinely have much more fun and excitement watching AEW today than I do WWE

Hi there, my name is Krash, and I have a question for you. Do you like wrestling…well more specifically do you like AEW? Of course you do. I like wrestling, you like wrestling, I’m pretty sure the 79 year old man down the street likes wrestling as well, because I heard Tarzan Boy blasting from his living room speakers as I was walking by. Either that, or he was listening to our local classic music radio station, but even then, I’m blaming the radio jockey for being a fan.

I want to preface this and say that I’m not talking down on WWE or going to say ooh bad company. I just genuinely have much more fun and excitement watching AEW today than I do WWE. And you know what? That’s OK! You can like yours, I can like mine. Do I participate in some banter back and forth at times? Yes, but honestly who doesn’t at this point? What I want for you, the reader, to get out of this is WHY I like AEW.

FRESH MATCHUPS!!!!! As someone who watched WWE religiously up until about 2019 you’ve seen them all. All the matchups you could possibly think of between this guy and that guy, this woman, that woman, these teams. I got to the point, you could pull two names out of a hat, stick them together, and I could probably name 3 previous times in their WWE career alone where they have wrestled. BUT NOT WITH AEW, not for ME anyway. I got to see Sammy G vs Cody, I got to see Mox vs Omega. I GOT TO SEE OMEGA VS DANIELSON!!!! Every week there is a match I get excited for, because I’ve either never seen the matchup before, or it’s a feud I could watch for months on end. FRESH MATCHUPS!!!!

Continuing on from that point. THE MATCHES! Most of the matches are so over the top and outrageous that 15 or 16 year old me is in there just marking out to every spot, every shot, every top rope dive. You can tell that the matches in AEW are just on a different level than your typical WWE sanctioned match.

I was always aware of the smaller promotions in the late 90’s and 00s but never watched because all my favorites weren’t from these promotions. Now I have every reason and chance to watch older promotions and newer ones. ROH, New Japan, Joshi, hell I even watch TNA now. (Christian you were still my favorite in TNA) AEW brings in all these guys and gals from the indies and I love seeing their talent on display.

I’m certain there was a point to this piece I’ve written, but I don’t want to drag on too long so I will end with this:


Also a line (albeit slightly altered) from another of my favorite things in pop culture.