How NoDQ visitors in 2008 reacted to John Cena returning and winning the Royal Rumble

The following is visitor feedback from 2008 in regards to John Cena returning and winning the Royal Rumble from that year…

Abe Lincoln–IRON FIST writes:

“I genuinely was enjoying the show. Orton beat Hardy cleanly (I hate when heels have to act like they have no talent and only win with gimmicks) which I liked because I’m an Orton fan and the Hardy fandom was starting to wear on me. Edge won which was awesome because I hate Mysterio and Edge is my favorite. Then I was really enjoying the Rumble and looking forward to the three-way battle between HHH, Kane, and Batista but then the worst thing I could have imagined happened. Seriously, what was up with all the reports about Cena not being ready until April and definitely not being there? That even seemed to surprise the other wrestlers. That did settle it for myself and my roommate. It was the first pay-per-view we ordered in our apartment and we won’t be ordering another one. We won’t even be watching any shows anymore. So a 0/10 just because of how much I hate and have ALWAYS hated Cena (from first appearance).”

John Von Strangle writes:

“I can’t believe Jeff Hardy lost clean, but it was actually a good match.

Royal Rumble match notes:
Why was Shelton in there so short of an amount of time?
Why did CM Punk get eliminated by Chavo? Are they completely de-pushing him?
Why was Chavo even in the Rumble? He’s a champion… or does the ECW title not even count?
The Piper/Snuka thing was cool.
I thought they were gonna surprise us and make Jeff Hardy number 30, but Cena being 30 was just as great. He was cheered when he came out, booed when he was wrestling, and cheered when he won.

It’s clear that Cena will beat Orton for the title at Mania. Maybe Hardy can get in the Chamber and go on to beat Edge. Or Taker. Either way, Hardy should stay at the top.

Pretty good PPV, 8 out of 10.”

GarinDamnT writes:

“That is the worst royal rumble ever. I’m glad I didn’t order it otherwise my tv would be broken. I have less interest watching WrestleMania 24 than I do the Superbowl (I’m not watching it since the packers didn’t make it and I refuse to watch another year of Tom Brady celebrating) All the crying Steph did to keep the belt on orton and then Trips doesn’t even win the rumble. I’d rather have Hornswoggle win than that piece of trash Cena! I just wasted three hours of my life reading the results play by play and I can’t get them back. For only the second time in my life (the first time was when Warrior beat Hogan at WM 6) I don’t want to watch wrestling. When that wasted piece of human evolution Cena comes out, I’m putting the T.V. on mute. I hope this guy suffers a career ending injury!”

Ryannn writes:

“To everyone that’s whining about John Cena winning the Rumble: Get over it!

Yes, I hate John Cena just like the rest (some) of you, but he was going to come back to WWE soon either way and get his WWE title back on the first attempt and we’d boo him out of the building like old times. We got to face the facts, Vince likes Cena because he can make profits to the business just for appearing, and Cena won’t be leaving the WWE for a long time; so get ready for 10 more years of Cena…he’s not going anywhere!

But I applaud WWE and John Cena on, WWE for outsmarting every one of us fans into making us think that Triple H, The Undertaker, or whoever was going to WrestleMania, and as for John Cena: That arm may not be 100 percent as of right now, but it seems like at ‘Mania he might me 90-95 percent ready.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars”

Lord RoX writes:

“Ruined by Super Cena, what a bunch of crap. How predictable, so what now we are subject to few months of easily predictable outcomes? Lemme guess, hardy fades away AGAIN, Orton pushed to the back AGAIN, while we watch the not so clever build up of HHH vs Cena? I was beginning to believe in WWE again, with all the mid carders taking advantage of the lack of Giant Mutants.

I would rather see Edge, Orton, CM Punk, Hardy, or any other non mutoid hold the business for a little while.

Now I am a huge HHH, Taker Fan, but them holding the title again or even batista or cena just doesn’t make sense to hook up the heavy weights all over again.”

Radi2de writes:

“Flair going over MVP was obvious. Flair still has the fan support, so he’s gonna make it til Mania. Ending the storyline now would just have been stupid of the Big E. But, they do stupid stuff all the time (like hypeing Jericho, just to lose his match against Orton, what a mistake)

JBL vs Jericho was decent. It wasn’t hyped up as much as some other matches, but it gave us a good brawl.

Gotta say, Edge’s win over Rey was pretty good the way it went down, but they didn’t need Vicki Guerrero involved. Why is she still there?

The Hardy/Orton match started out good, with many great spots, but the end was such a let down. Hardy was owning Orton, then he just pulls his rip off of a twist of fate, and gets the quick pin. They could have made it go another 15 minutes, and had a better match, and even if Hardy lost, it would have been more believable. It was a shame that Hardy who has been there longer than Orton, and has more than earned his spot at the top, didn’t go over. The hype of the match was making it epic, so the outcome should have been better.

And for the Rumble – the most entertaining match of the year. I knew as soon as Santino came in, he’d be thrown right out. It was a shame to see Shelton leave so soon, especially after he pulled 2 big spots. He is so underrated and has potential. I was surprised to see Holly last so long, because he’s always jobbing, but he’s been there forever, so he might have had a say in it. Hornswoggle eliminating The Miz was hilarious, and technically, Hornswoggle, hasn’t been eliminated, so I wonder if that’ll come into play tomorrow on Raw.

Before the PPV started, I joked with my friends about Cena returning, but we laughed it off. Then when he came out, I knew he was gonna win it. Even though Cena’s been shoved down our throats for so long, I’m kinda glad to see him back… especially if that means Orton drops the title soon.”

Evil Vader! writes:

“Great matches across the board. Far too many F Ups. Here is my list of them.

1. Flair selling a knee didn’t come within 6 inches of his face, although it did make contact with his hands.
2. JBL selling a bulldog that never happened. Lame.
3. The armpit hurracurana from Rey.
4. The “I’m now going to hurracurana you with my penis” hurracurana, also from Rey.

1. Rey kicks Vickie in the back of the head…..pure awesomeness.
2. Orton’s sell on the baseball slide from Jeff into the barricade. That looked like it really f’n hurt.
3. The quick RKO reversal. Very well done.
4. The fact Taker and HBK started the Rumble. Pure genius.
5. “You could ask these people if they wanted hepatitis, and they’d cheer.”-Santino
6. Jericho’s bleeding. I didn’t think he had it in him to get blood like that.
7. That chair shot , and the video angle on it was also very good.

1. Cena winning, from the 30th position no less. How lame is that? We all lost on that one.
2. Fat greasy guy dances again.
3. Roddy Pipers stomach. MY freaking God, Goddess, Satan, Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus, and any other Deity I might be forgetting. What happened? Did he eat Dink the Clown?
4. No Big Show….instead we got Cena.

On a side note, while I am unhappy with Cena’s big return, I am happy that the WWE finally surprised me. It’s been around 2 years since the last time. I am glad to say that they can still stick it to the so called internet know it all’s who have this habit of ruining every plot line that comes out 6 months before it happens. Kudos to them.

In the end, was it worth it? Yes, because for the first time in 5 years I didn’t pay for it. My friends did, and that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing.

Now if we could only wipe Cena from the history books like they have tried to do with Benoit.
Oh well I can dream.”

Welcome To My Yard writes:

“I think the worst thing about that Royal Rumble was not only the winner but the number that he drew. They made a massive deal about Undertaker being the only guy to win entering at number 30 and then a year later they shit all over it with Cena. And what the hell happened since Finlay was supposed to be disqualified for jumping his entry number and yet 30 men still entered anyway? I only hope that with the way Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were eliminated means that if Undertaker isn’t going for the world title that there is going to be a feud between them at Wrestlemania, which will obviously steal the show and shit all over a Cena match. So it will be Orton and Cena at Wrestlemania from the looks of things, so they might let Jeff win Money In The Bank this year and I guess from the backstage segment come Wrestlemania either Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista or Mr Kennedy is going to end Ric Flair’s career.”

I’ll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret!!! writes:

“I will admit that the standard of good wrestling made for a good watch but the wwe has become far far to predictable.

Flair vs MVP- Career threatening match, hmmmm id anyone really think that mvp wud end the career of rick flair, no not a single soul, its clear that flair is going to bow out at mania, the match itself was ok but nowt special 6/10.

JBL vs Jericho- Ok this match was clearly going to end in dq but it could of gone either way, i love both these wrestlers and i suppose they built up the match quite well but where do we go from here? More of a brawl than a match but i’d still give it a 6/10.

Rey vs Edge- Once again it was obvious edge would win this match, as much as i love rey you will never ever see him wearing the world title ever again, unless its the ecw world title which doesnt mean shit ever since vince put the belt on himself. I thought the match itself was pretty damn good but thats what you would expect from two amazing wrestlers. The spear at the end was amazing but once again the whole match was way to predictable. 8/10 tho for a decent match.

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton- Two wrestlers that are on top of their game, both superb wrestlers in different ways, this again was always going to be a great match but once again a Title retain was always on the cards. Its great to see Jeff Hardy main-eventing ppv’s because lets be honest he has earned it but it was obvious to everyone (except the marks of course) that hardy was going to lose. The RKO was sweet. Great match tho 8/10.

The Royal Rumble- The rumble was very enjoyable but i was shocked that shelton was thrown out so soon and the great khali especially after last year he cleaned house. Wot was with chavo being in the rumble when he is a world champ? And what the hell was the deal with him eliminating CM punk? Surely it should of been the other way round. I’ll admit pre rumble i thought it would be between Taker, HHH and HBK. I thought if HHH came in at 27 he wud win it. Then it came to entrant number 30….John Cena, KILL ME NOW! As soon as he came out it was obvious he was going to win, i mean for gods sake Cena has had his time, 2 years as the champ, for gods sake give someone else a shot, no-one wants to see john cena headline wrestlemania (except little kids and marks).

And i can guarantee you right now that John Cena WILL beat randy orton at wrestlemania and once again hold the title for a stupidly long amount of time! Even though Raw has so many other great superstars in HBK, HHH, Jeff Hardy, Umaga, Kennedy and Randy Orton to name a few. 90% of wwe fans would rather have any of those guys as champ than cena but Vince and the writers have an obsession with Cena winning every match at PPV’s. And lets face it the wwe writers suck. They have let ECW go awful, who wants to see wrestlers squash jobbers? Nobody! Get some feuds going for gods sake! Bobby lashley has now gone, thats another big name star thats had enough, lets just hope he isnt stupid and lets hope he stays away from tna. The WWE writers need to pull their fingers out becos the WWE can be great again, they have the power to make it great again but all i can see is the same old stuff again.

Let me know what you think guys. Thanks :D”

J.Flyswatter writes:

“i see everyone complaining about hornswaggle…WHY??? WHO GIVES A SHIT…just be happy he didnt win the damn thing…i’ve never seen so many people marking out for hornswaggle…just drop that whole thing…

this was the 1st ppv i’ve bought in years…i was somewhat satisfied with all the matches…the whole maria/ashley thing was really predictable (everyone already found out 2 weeks ago she was posing for playboy anyway)

JBL needs to keep his shirt on…i dont want to see his tits bouncing around in HD…

surprised with the boos toward rey…

great moment when jericho botched the move and everyone booed…

i was shocked they didnt give jeff the warrior push but it doesnt matter anyway…hes going to be one of the top guys from now on thanks to HHH…

john cena getting the surprised reaction from the whole crowd…and im sure getting the surprised reaction from the wrestling world on the internet…i think a lot of people had john cena out til after Wrestlemania…

the actual royal rumble match was okay…a lot of predictable stuff…my g/f marked out for all the big name people…im teaching her little by little haha…

my biggest mark out moment was when super fly came out…

my WTF moment was john cena of course…im telling you no one in the internet community got it right and i think its good for once…i was glad to be surprised for once…

all in all…i give this ppv event an 8 out of 10…”