Hoping for Great Things from WWE 2K22

Those that know anything about me and/or NoDQ know that we have a history with WWE games. NoDQ CAW, and my own league SLAM n JAM, both started roughly around the same time back in 2004. I was the voice(s) of NoDQ for many years as myself, Wade Needham, and the character Bobby Spade. Each time a new game is in the works, Aaron Rift and I often exchange text messages with the same question: Will this be the game that NoDQ CAW returns on? With the release of WWE 2K22 a mere handful of days from now, that question still lingers.

What’s the main issue?  Random crashing!

I personally have a lot of hopes for WWE 2K22. Some are big, others are minute. One big hope that I have for the game is that 2K fixes the random crashing issue that plagued 2K20. I could be in the middle of creating a CAW, watching an entrance, or about to tap out an opponent and the game would just crash. It would send me to the home screen on my Xbox One instantly erasing whatever it was I was working on. As a CAW content creator this is beyond frustrating.

The Creation Suite for CAW Content Creators

A small factor in the game that I hope is addressed is within the Creation Suite. Years ago, we were able to have our CAWs not only wear items such as capes to the ring, but also compete with them on. Same with an item such as wings. This made certain members of the CAW roster more believable; CAWs such as Superman, Batman, Pit, etc…

In recent years modes like Create an Arena and Create a Championship/MITB also made it more fun for CAW content creators. Being able to personalize our shows and show off our creativity just feels good. Having said that, I hope that this installment of the WWE video game doesn’t take a step-back with those modes.

2K Showcase and GM Mode

Aside from a CAW content creator perspective, I am looking forward to playing the new 2K Showcase mode surrounding Rey Mysterio’s career. Unfortunately, my excitement for this mode dropped recently when I found out the 2006 Royal Rumble and Rey’s WrestleMania 22 match isn’t included. I don’t know how Rey’s career can be highlighted without including his Royal Rumble victory that led to his first World Championship that same year.

Finally, there is the return of GM Mode! 2K had to create this from ground up, as it hasn’t been in a WWE game since SmackDown vs RAW 2008. For that fact, I am going to be a little forgiving if not every bell and whistle is present. 2K did have to deal with this installment of the franchise during a global pandemic and built the mode from scratch. It seems the bare bones for GM Mode are there, and that’s fine with me.

Overall, I think WWE 2K22 has a lot to live up to, but I am hopeful. In close I ask, again, will this be the game that brings NoDQ CAW back?

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