Going Broadway: Try it! Only positive comments on social media for one week


Three columns in one week after a month of nothing. Sounds about right — the wrestling fan base burns me out.

Isn’t it interesting that the article where I debunk a few AEW myths in a considerably pro-AEW column — all of the haters come out of the woodworks? Yet, a column where I constructively theorize the entire future of WWE in regards to NXT and their aging roster — crickets…

Here it is again. It’s actually not a WWE-bashing piece, but an honest look at their recent moves and what they are likely doing as they re-brand NXT and change course.  For what it’s worth, I hope it pays off.

Going Broadway: The Future of WWE (and their huge gamble)

It’s the duality of the two responses that keeps me from writing consistently. After a while, one just gets burnt out. Now in case you didn’t know, writing columns is a simple hobby. I’ve been doing it for years, and I receive no compensation for it — nor does any NODQ writers. We do this for fun and passion for the industry.

But man, the toxicity in the comments section (mostly from folks who don’t even read the full article) is so telling of the fanbase (WWE AND AEW).  The toxicity between fans even in regards to simple results of a show or ratings reports is terrible.

I’m not remotely a WWE fan, but I still don’t go out of my way on social media to rip on the product. If I do so, I try to at least do it (constructively) in commentary you read here on NODQ.

So I want to ask a favor of anyone who reads this…


->Only comment positively about wrestling on social media for one week.<-


Seriously, try it for a week.

Did you not like a segment or a particular wrestler from a promotion you don’t even like? Then don’t say anything. Did you see something awesome on a show you actually watch? Say something! — applaud the product and give them praise. Do you have legitimate constructive criticism? Cool, offer it in ways that don’t make you come off like a complete bridge troll.

This is what brings down the fanbase, and ultimately, pro wrestling itself.

Neither Vince McMahon, or Tony Khan, will ever care about a random keyboard goblin using social media to childishly insult their product. Nor will they (or the team they have hired to run their social media) take you seriously if your juvenile rant in the comments section contains multiple spelling errors.

Just stop it. Be nice. Be a positive force for just one week and see what happens. The results may surprise you…