Favorite special entrances from the four-year history of AEW

Hi. Krash again (btw follow me on twitter @Krash_Override) and I would like to just tell you about some of my favorite special entrances that AEW has provided for us. These are the special one shot entrances that some have done for a special occasion, big match, big return you know the drill. Now these will be in no way a ranked list. (well except for my all time favorite, but we will get there in due time) All opinions are my own and in no way reflect on anybody else.

The Elite (Fyter Fest 2019)

I’m starting off strong, and this right here, is a melding of two of my passions, Wrestling and Video Games. Matt and Nick as Ryu and Ken come out at first to their theme at the time, but when the outfits are revealed, World Warrior from Street Fighter starts playing. I got a kick out of this, giggled if you will. I thought Kenny would come out as Guile (which to me would have been a funny throwback as somebody NOT American playing an all American….American…too many? Movie fans will understand) But when a “fan” comes rushing up on the ramp and does
what I can only imagine is an homage to the “Batista Incident” The Lights go out, and all of a sudden, RAGING DEMON! He’s none other than Akuma (Gouki for all you NERDS! Kidding, I love you) fan is DEAD. They come down, and “force” Justin Roberts to yell out Round 1, FIGHT! Before the match starts. Its all just pure gold. Oh also, there was a triple Hadouken in the match. But this is entrances, not matches.

CM Punk (Revolution 2022)

BUT KRASH, you might say, THIS WAS JUST HIS ROH ENTRANCE. It was a one off entrance, it was awesome and I loved it. It COUNTS! Emo me…well let’s just say AFI and Davey Havok hold a very special place in my heart. MJF is already out in the ring, you expect static take over the loudspeakers, and your typical song and dance from the Chicago himself. BUT OH NO, not this time, the lights go off at the top of the ramp, it’s dark and then all of sudden BOOM…….BOOM. Strobes are going off, MJF is confused, I’m confused for MJF. And then ladies and gentlemen….Miseria Cantere starts playing. I don’t know about you, but I squealed with delight and I was singing along like it was karaoke night at my local dive and I’m about 6 shots too deep. Punk in all his genius, comes out in his black jacket, white shorts combo that he did when he wrestled Raven in ROH in a..can you guess? THATS RIGHT, a Dog Collar Match. And what is MJF doing the whole time that Punk is coming down to the ring? Sitting in the corner like Raven! This was just pure nostalgia and joy for me.

The Joker? (All Out 2022)

What. The. Hell. Happened? That’s really all I could say after this played out. Casino Battle Royale, we knew there was gonna be a Joker, we knew that we DIDN’T know who it was. Excitement is building through the match. What’s gonna happen, who could it be? And then…a group of masked men come out and take out the competition. A man climbs up the ladder, and grabs the chip. But not for him. This man being Stokely Hathaway, and the group being the now defunct Firm??? IDK. The countdown comes on the screen, hits 0. And in one of the I would never guess songs of the century. Sympathy for the Devil starts playing. Yes you read that right, The Rolling Stones start playing. No fanfare, no big theatrics. A man in a mask comes out, walks straight down to the ring, and Stokely Hathaway hands him the chip, bell rings. Match is over. What? Who is this, is he taking off the mask? NOPE, he wags his finger, and walks off. That’s it…its over. FOR NOW.

Kenny Omega (Dynamite 2019)

This….this right here, is a bias, and I’m sorry. Number 1. Hasn’t been topped in AEW yet, probably won’t ever be topped in my opinion. The only thing that tops this…nah, the only thing that TIES this is ANOTHER Kenny Omega entrance that happened at this years’ Wrestle Kingdom. (He makes a hot Sephiroth) Anyway, I believe it’s The Elite vs TF2 and…I want to say Kip Sabien? Matt and Nick already came out, and a video starts playing in the style of the hit indie RPG Undertale. It’s a face telling Kenny that his BEST friend (Being Kota Ibushi I believe) was never his friend. And that it’s all a matter of time before the rest of his friends (Matt, Nick, Hangman, Riho, and Nakazawa) go away too. The illusion breaks, a familiar set of noises basically says, hey shut the hell up, and asks Kenny if he can tag in. OUT COMES KENNY OMEGA AS SANS. Megalovania is playing and I kid you not, tears came out of my eyes. Undertale is literally one of the few games that could bring me to tears. (I’m a sucker for RPG’s mainly of the retro variety) Smiling ear to ear, I knew then and there that I was going to love this company.

And here we are 4 years later and I’m literally writing opinion pieces about the company and hope you all would like for me and allow me to write more. I’m Krash_Override, and I bid you all a fond farewell. UNTIL NEXT TIME!