Day One Ish? Will Jimmy betray Jey at WWE Summerslam?

Summerslam. Tribal Combat. Anything Goes.

While thinking about this match and the possible finishes, I realized neither one of them can actually take a “clean win” over the other. Roman is rumored to hold the championship until at least Wrestlemania and a clean loss for Jey would diminish the momentum he’s gained. Solo is the obvious answer to interfere and cost Jey the match. But I don’t think even WWE creative is THAT predictable.

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Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt are both rumored to possibly make a return at Summerslam, but that has been a constant rumor since their respective absences. Being that Summerslam is one of the four biggest premium live events of the year, the rumor mill really kicks in to high gear. Even if one of them were to make their return at Summerslam, neither of them have any relevance or relation to the Bloodline or the Bloodline story.

Enter Jimmy Uso. The “jealous” twin brother as he’s been painted by Paul Heyman. The one who was supposed to be groomed to be next in line for Tribal Chief before he got hurt, according to Roman Reigns himself. The one that Jey stated he has always chased to keep up with growing up.

Remember back at the Royal Rumble, after Sami Zayn turned on the Bloodline and hit Reigns with a steel chair and Jey’s reaction? He rolled out of the ring as the rest of the Bloodline destroyed Sami and Kevin Owens. Remember the weekly segments where Sami kept trying to influence Jey to walk away from the Bloodline? Jey’s disappearance while he seemingly debated on what he should do? Remember the commentary by the announcers and Paul Heyman during that time period that Roman Reigns was watching? What if a plan was formulated then to betray Jey by the Bloodline, including Jimmy Uso and that would set Jimmy back on the path of being the Tribal Chief incumbent?

Jimmy interfering and costing Jey the match, would lead to a brothers rivalry and could culminate in an extended feud resulting with a rubber match at Wrestlemania. A dream match both of them have stated they would love to do.

What are your thoughts on my theoretical prediction? What do you think the outcome of the Tribal Combat match will be? Comment below!