Dark times ahead for WWE

OK now as some of you may have picked up on, I mainly write about AEW and occasionally NJPW. This is what I was hired to do. I can actually hear some of you now saying “stay in your lane then” and “don’t right stuff you know nothing about.” You know, the usual crap. The fact is I was brought on as an OPINION writer, and since I have been watching wrestling for the past 30 years I feel my opinions can be very insightful and compelling to some. If this is not you then please feel free to stop reading now and move on to another article.


Before I get to the things that will likely trigger a lot of people, I will say I was a WWF/E fan practically my whole life. During the Monday night wars between WWF and WCW I was firmly in the WWF corner. I just loved the edgy product, the suck its, the ass whoopings, the pie! I  couldn’t get enough. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed parts of WCW, especially the cruiserweights but for me, the WWF was where it was at.


When WWF (soon to be branded WWE due to that damn Panda) brought it’s competition it meant that for a young 14-15 year old WWE fan living in Australia like me, WWE was the only game in town to watch. No big deal right? I was a WWE fan so this could only mean good things anyway. The trouble is when your the only real game in town you have no competition to compete with. You start playing with yourself (no, not in that way.) Vince tried creating competition from within his own company, and it didn’t always work.


If any one statement could be used to Describe WWE and Vince it is this one. There is no question that Vince was a genius, eccentric but a genius non the less. That’s what made him so great. But as Bob Dylan once said “the times they are a changing’,” and unfortunately Vince didn’t get the memo. He powered on with his blinders up, not paying attention to the world around him. His Son-in-law Triple H however, saw what was happening in the wrestling world  and took full advantage of it, signing every hot indie talent to the newly formed NXT. In doing so, creating a sort of super Indy within the confines of WWE. All Vince had to do was run with this new direction and the wrestling landscape would look very different than it is today. But this idea didn’t come from the mind of McMahon so naturally he didn’t like and sought to make changes in HIS image. His Ego effectively killed the NXT we all knew and loved.


As we all know, Vince McMahon resigned late last year in disgrace after multiple cases of sexual misconduct came to the surface. The board had finally voted the horny old man out of his own company and into a long overdue retirement. The keys to the kingdom where handed to his daughter Stephanie and her husband Triple H. Under the creative vision of H, things started to become almost watchable again. Yes some storylines still had that WWE stink to them, but there is no denying that the Bloodline Story has been one of the most compelling stories in any promotion. Vince just couldn’t leave well enough alone though and somehow made his comeback. Now I am not a business man so I do not know how any of this happened, but somehow Vince was able to get back on the board and be voted in as the chairman once again. The man’s ego knows no bounds and couldn’t stand the company being ran without his handprints all over it.


As of this writing, Stephanie McMahon has resigned from the company and the word going around is that Vince has sold the WWE……..to the Saudi’s!!! It is bad enough that he has held massive show’s in that country. A country where they still have extremely out dated laws in regards to women, sexual orientation and freedom of speech, but now they may actually OWN the company? How is that going to work? What is going to happen to the women’s matches? will they be forced to cover up every inch of their skin so no one has any individuality or sex appeal? What about poor Sami Zayn? He is Muslim and he has openly been very against the Saudi government. He doesn’t even attend the Saudi shows. What’s going to happen to his storyline with the bloodline now? How about all the recently signed returnees that Triple H brought back after they got released due to “budget cuts” by Vince? suddenly they are going to be fearing if they will still have a job much longer. All this to line the pocket’s of a selfish, ego-maniac that has all the money he really needs at his age. It puts the WWE in a very bad light and makes their future very murky at the present minute, but hey, As long as a 77 year old man can still get laid right?