Daniel Bryan AND CM Punk – Massive Get!

The news that Daniel Bryan AND CM Punk could be signing with AEW is huge! Living Colour, the band that performs “Cult of Personality”, CM Punk’s theme song, follows AEW.  Does that mean Punk is signing with them? Is it just a coincidence? These are not “let them slip” announcements.  Right now it’s rumor.  Let’s get to something that actually happened this past week.  My man Lance Archer became IWGP United States Champion by defeating Jon Moxley last Wednesday on night 2 of Fyter Fest.  Fight for the Fallen this coming week looks to continue AEW’s momentum with some awesome matches! 5 on 5 elimination with the Elite facing Hangman Page and Dark Order.  If Page and Order win, Page gets a World Title shot against Omega at Double Or Nothing and Dark Order get a tag title shot against the Young Bucks.  They’ll get their shots.  Also Wednesday, new IWGP U.S. champ Lance Archer defends against Hikuleo.  Proud and Powerful vs FTR should be excellent.  Chris Jericho passed the first Labor of Jericho last week and now moves to the second-a no disqualification match with Nick Gage! If you’re not familiar with him, which I wasn’t until I saw his Dark Side of the Ring episode, OH MY GOD! Whatever we see, it’ll definitely be nasty!


NXT Champion Karrion Kross debuted on Raw this week.  He lost to Jeff Hardy.  People are going insane because he lost his Raw debut.  It’s fine.  Kross vs Hardy II will likely happen at SummerSlam with Kross getting his win back in a dominant performance.  The headscratcher is that Kross is a badass in NXT.  NXT closed last week with Kross laying William Regal out in the parking lot, for God’s sake! That’s the kind of thing Samoa Joe does.  On one hand, I can’t wait to see where this story goes.  Nor can I wait to see the eventual Kross vs Joe match.  On the other hand, having him lose to Jeff is interesting.  Like I said, he’ll get his win back and it’ll be fine. But I’m burying the lead: Jeff came to the ring with his “No More Words” theme! Fans have been demanding this song return for years.  It appears somebody in WWE finally listened.  A few weeks ago, I read Jeff was in line for a big push.  We shall see.

Monday on Raw, John Cena returned and challenged Roman Reigns to a Universal Championship match at SummerSlam.  Four nights later, Smackdown ends with Fin Balor confronting Reigns and wanting a title shot.  It looks like we’ll be getting Reigns vs Balor and Reigns vs Cena in the next month.  Yes, Reigns will win both.  You can’t deny, however, that those are big matches!

The matches at the Hip-Hop festival…how we feeling about that? Reminded me of WCW’s Road Wild except replace bikes with music.  I’m glad they just went there for a match or two.  When I heard about it earlier Friday, I was afraid the whole show was airing from there.

Haven’t gotten around to watching Impact yet but I heard Jay White debuted.  He’s sure to make things interesting! Man, I really need some huge iTunes cards for all these pay-per-views.

That’s all for this week! If you’re so inclined, check out my Blendertainment podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts.  Until next week, enjoy some wrestling!