Coming Soon: The NoDQ Debate Series

Hey there, fellow wrestling fan!

Are you tired of toxic fandom everywhere you go? Are you becoming exhausted with petty internet discourse? Or perhaps you just want to see a productive conversation between two wrestling fans with opposing opinions?

This may be for you!

This is an open invite to fellow NoDQ Columnists for a weekly/bi-weekly debate series. This also extends to regular commenters on this site, and anywhere else in the internet wrestling community.

And the best part is you, the reader, will pick the debate topic!

Here’s how it works:

Debate Structure


The entirety of the debate will actually take place via email chain, Discord, or possibly a website like Debate Art. The email would be vetted through a third party, more than likely the website moderator. The idea is that the debate would be fleshed out beforehand, and then presented for everyone to read.

The topic question is decided on and both parties will present an opening statement. There will then be two (and only two) rebuttals for the sake of length.

The winner of the debate will then be voted on in the court of public opinion in the Disqus comments, or Facebook/Twitter.

Who Will be Invited?

Anyone, really.

But we are looking to involve main columnists on this site. This includes myself, Mr. Tito, Chris Connor, Steamy Ray Vaughn, Roy Coston, Victor Mariscal, and others. This also includes anyone that appears regularly on the NoDQ Review.

Why in form of an article and not in video? 

Respect for privacy for others who simply do not want to appear on video. But also, it gives more structure to the debate as a whole. Readers can go point-by-point through the discussion without the participants talking over each other like they would in a video debate.

There is a lot of passionate discussion about pro wrestling. The idea is to make this series the home of honest discussion between differing opinions.

What’s Next?

We need a few columnists to agree to a debate in the first place. This is the official public invite.

For those who want to become involved in the debate itself, make it known in the comments below. However, more importantly, we need debate topics.

What current pro wrestling debate topics would you like to see?

Topics can range from anything WWE or AEW focused, or even Indies/New Japan. They can be historic topics, or current hot topics in the industry. Nothing is off limits.

In closing, this is up to you folks, now.  Who do you want to see debate? What topics would you want to see discussed?

Let us know in the comments below!

If interested in participating, please email