Can WWE become The Promised Land once again?

The WWE. The pinnacle of professional wrestling and where all major professional wrestlers and young hopefuls always aimed to get to. That of course has changed over the years but I ask the question now, can WWE become THE place to be once again? Yes. Can WWE become the last stop before these eventual hopefuls retire? Maybe.

It is hard to pinpoint a time where WWE stopped becoming this promised land but I dare say that it stopped due to the lack of movement to those with maximum potential being shafted and being underutilized. I mean some have been lucky, it hasn’t been all negative in that department as they have elevated, made and pushed some big names but of course there are those that came up from NXT where they even go on to state that it was Triple H who gave them the opportunity of their lives! Some took advantage and some unfortunately weren’t seen through the same eyes as us the fans or those down in the Performance Center.

It has been a month and a bit since the changing of the guard and where fans still don’t see change, I, like many other fans see a lot of changes and for the better of course. Let’s start off with the returns, I mean Killer Kross (Yes I know it’s Karrion) and Scarlett returning on the SmackDown after SummerSlam was a genius move, in my eyes and I am glad that he will hopefully get the opportunity he has deserved for years. I hope he is able to run with it and be of much needed use to WWE TV. His promos, mystique and aura are satisfying and I am absolutely in love with what they are aiming to do with him.

It isn’t just Kross and Scarlett of course. Dexter Lumis has returned too, Johnny Gargano, Hit Row, Dakota Kai, etc. Things have definitely changed, don’t let others fool you..

With this new dawn, it is all about the rasslin’ again for WWE and the fact that they have brought back A LOT of legitimacy to both the Intercontinental and United States Titles speaks volumes. They were always titles that were the embodiment of respect, too late? No. It just means under the new direction the WWE is transitioning into will bring respect at all levels, be it championships and their roster too. I still feel their Tag Titles need to be legitimized more but Rome wasn’t built in a day as the saying goes..

We can’t exactly put a gun to Vince McMahon’s head and blame him for a lot of the lackluster things we have had to sit down and watch through but of course it still had so many great moments which we will never forget.

I can just safely say as I write this and hand on heart that the product is better and I find myself wanting to watch RAW or SmackDown every week. Last night I was glued to my seat watching the opener between Imperium and The Brawling Brutes. It can continue, the spark is there and there are a lot of things that can cement a fan’s love for WWE again. I am not here to force you to watch the product but I am here as a fan who has watched WWE since 1991 and that we need to give this rejuvenation an opportunity and I hope as the title of this article says that WWE becomes The Promised Land once again.

Instead of commenting below on my points, I want you the readers to tell me what you think WWE needs right now to continue their rejuvenation.

The Triple H era has begun and may their streak of good programming continue!