Bret “The Overrated” Hart Needs To Shut His Mouth Once And For All

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Bret Hart needs to shut the f*ck up.

Damn that felt good.

I enjoyed Bret Hart’s work as a kid. Especially when he turned heel in 1997 with the Hart Foundation. He planted the seeds perfectly for his heel turn. He made guys like Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin look like a million bucks.

But as an adult? I look back on most of the Hitman’s matches and find them incredibly boring with nearly the same finish. Sure, he had some great matches with Austin, his brother Owen, and of course Shawn. Who can forget the match with his brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith at Wimbledon? He even had some entertaining matches with Bob Backlund, Diesel, and even Jerry Lawler. With that said, as critical as he is of the talent today, in all fairness, I think it’s safe to that say Bret Hart is completely overrated compared to the talent that exists today.

Most of his matches ended with a backbreaker, forearm/elbow off the second rope, and then a sharpshooter. I’m sorry, but as an adult, it’s just plain boring. I’m not saying Bret wasn’t a good worker. I’m not even saying he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. I just simply feel like he’s incredibly overrated from the standpoint of being entertaining.

Moving on, it’s time to discuss Bret’s constant negativity towards present and past talent alike.

It seems like any time Bret opens his mouth, he feels the need to bitch about somebody. One of his favorite targets over the years has been Eric Bischoff. He blames Eric for WCW crumbling and takes a shot at him whenever he gets the chance. I’ll tell you something about Eric Bischoff. Very few people in the wrestling business are willing to admit when they have made a mistake. If you listen to his 83 Weeks Podcast, Bischoff routinely admits that hindsight is 20/20 and that he would have done something differently than he would. Why? Because 20 years later, Bischoff can constructively criticize his body of work and accept the fact that he may have been wrong. Bret Hart on the other hand, never admits when he’s wrong.

Do I even really need to discuss Shawn Michaels? Although he and Bret have both behind the scenes and on screen buried the hatchet, Bret clearly has gone and dug the hatchet back up. To this day in interviews and on his podcast he’ll find a way to bitch about something Shawn did wrong. Much like Bischoff, Michaels admits his wrongdoings. He has owned them. He knows he did things that are frowned upon. But nearly 25 years later, you still hear Bret whining about him. The same goes for Triple H. He went as far as saying that Triple H never had a memorable match. Really? Even just recently he did a podcast about Ken Shamrock and how Triple H tried to ruin his stance in the company. He claimed that both HHH and HBK tried to ruin The Rock’s career. Ok, so maybe they did because business was cutthroat. It’s been 20-25 years since then. Everyone else has seemingly moved on, but not Bret. It’s very much still present day for him.

Of course, Bret goes out of his way to punish Goldberg whenever he has the opportunity. I understand some of the resentment there because technically Goldberg ended Bret’s career. Of course it was not on purpose, but at some point Bret has to ease up on Bill. I mean damn, if Darren Drozdov can forgive D-Lo Brown, then Bret can forgive Bill.

Do I even need to talk about Bret’s comments on Vince McMahon? As one of my favorite columnists likes to say, “no explanation needed.”

How about all of the remarks he makes about Hulk Hogan? Again, “no explanation needed.”

Bret has also been critical of talents like Seth Rollins for being “too dangerous” in the ring. And it wasn’t just a quick comment, he literally tore into Rollins. Seth admitted on the Talk Is Jericho podcast that it hurt him to the core hearing the legend that is Bret Hart rip him apart.

Quite frankly, I can understand why that guy randomly attacked him at the Hall of Fame a few years ago. I’m not saying I condone it, and I didn’t like it when it happened. But with that said, I can see why he’s so disliked by many.

The list goes on and on. But the time has finally come. Anyone who is tired of Bret Hart needs to let him know once and for all that his negativity is doing nothing but bringing down the wrestling business. I would say he’s just a bitter old man that wishes he accomplished more in the ring but that’s simply an understatement. The only way Bret Hart finds true happiness is by diminishing the careers and publicly insulting many of the people he worked with.

Bret, the wrestling world appreciates your body of work. At one point, we all respected your opinion. But now, you’ve spoken entirely too much and your opinion just simply does not matter.

If you can’t find a way to be more positive and contribute to the business in more of an uplifting way, than you just need to stop communicating with the masses and keep to yourself. We’re tired of your incessant bitching. We’re tired of your whining. And we’re tired of your crying.

Please Bret. Do us a favor. Just shut the f*ck up.

My goal is for Bret to hopefully read this. Not to hurt his feelings, but maybe to get him to realize the error of his ways. So if you agree with this, please retweet it so we can better the chances of him reading it. Thank you.