AEW: Who is the Devil? Let’s get the speculation stirring

Everyone is discussing it, so I decided to give my take on who I think is under the Devil’s mask. First, this is not confirmation, nor is there any “insider information” I have about the secret identity. This is purely my speculation. I will give three names I think maybe under the mask, along with what their motivations might be. I will also take a shot at who I think are the other masked assailants associated with the new Devil. With all that said, let’s get the speculation stirring. 

Jack Perry

Before you groan, hear me out. The last time fans saw Jack Perry in AEW, he was losing the FTW Title to Hook at All In at Wembley. His story leading up to this point was that he needed to find his more “evil side” and be more assertive. The person who kept pushing him in that direction was MJF. What better way to prove he has changed, and has found that extra edge to his character than to be the man behind the mask? Many people have said, “If it is Jack Perry, then AEW has dropped the ball.” But this would make a lot of sense. 

It seems Tony Khan has lifted Jack Perry’s suspension. If you are having trouble remembering, Perry got suspended because of a backstage altercation with CM Punk at All In. With his suspension officially over, Perry will need to find a way to get back onto AEW television. Being the new Devil could be his chance to make a bigger name for himself and become one of the top heels of the company. 

Roderick Strong

One of the most obvious choices would be Roderick Strong. Strong has been front and center during the entire return for the Devil. Even though he has been in a neck brace, he has been taking it off to perform matches, so his character is “milking” his injury for sympathy. He has been the person warning Adam Cole about Max being the Devil while knowing he is the one attacking people to frame MJF. 

Strong being the Devil could increase intrigue with him and The Kingdom in the eyes of the fans. Right now, the faction is coming off as more of a comedy act than an actual threat. He would be using this as a way to “protect” Adam Cole from the actual threat, that is MJF. Roderick Strong being the Devil would be mildly lackluster, but it would fit into the story being told so at least it would make sense. 

Britt Baker

The first time they showed the new Devil on AEW television, they were shorter and smaller than all the other wrestlers in the segment. I initially thought, “Maybe that’s Britt Baker.” AEW has mentioned that Britt and Cole are a couple, so her actions being “for Adam Cole” wouldn’t be surprising. AEW may reveal Britt banded together a group of people who have a checkered past with MJF. 

The reasoning behind attacking Bullet Club Gold first would be because Britt could blame Jay White for the extended injury Cole sustained at the first Forbidden Door PPV. Britt has said in the past that Cole’s time recovering was strenuous in their lives because of how hard his road to recovery was. Then, Britt can have the same motivation for framing MJF that Roderick Strong would have, to isolate MJF so he can not influence Cole any longer. During their time together, Cole began to help MJF become a better person, but Cole was also “stooping down” to MJF’s level of being a scumbag. This would make Britt want to intervene in their friendship.

Devil’s Associates

There were four assailants associated with the Devil during the attacks of Bullet Club Gold and The Acclaimed with Billy Gunn. Depending on who the Devil is, the other members could be anyone. I will give seven wrestlers the four members could be. If the Devil is not Roderick Strong, then he and the other members of the Kingdom would make up three of the members. The remaining member would most likely be Wardlow. I think regardless of who the Devil is, Wardlow will be one member of the Devil’s new group.

  Other wrestlers that could be under the masks are Jack Perry, Dolph Ziggler, or it could be any combination of an invading Bullet Club group. I would prefer Britt Baker as the Devil, Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Wardlow as the other four members. Who do you think the Devil is? Would any name disappoint you? Can you think of other names for the associates?