Zelina Vega vents about her return to WWE being spoiled online

During an appearance on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, Zelina Vega talked about her return to WWE being spoiled online when it was reported that she was seen being filmed at the Performance Center

“What made it funny was at that time when it came out, I wasn’t really back yet. It wasn’t really a thing yet, and I know that they were filming something for my husband so that’s what I was initially there for. It made it funny because I was like, this isn’t even 100% yet, y’all are talking like it is but then you don’t know the specifics. But I can’t tell you the specifics, so just shut up, just stop.”

“When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, if it’s meant to be. Why take that away from the fans? Those are my biggest issues with stuff like this, it’s like, why ruin it and take moments away from the fans that are genuinely going to have a really cool moment instead of, ‘I read on the internet that she was coming back anyway, so whatever, it’s not even a big deal.’ Yeah, I know it’s not a huge deal when you already know about it.” (quotes courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)