WWE’s writing team “didn’t know what to do” with Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy tag team

During his podcast, WWE’s “Road Dogg” Brian James reflected on the Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy tag team in WWE and how the writing team struggled with it…

“I didn’t get the Broken character. I never got it. I don’t understand it. If there’s something to understand, I would love to know what that is, but he just changed and talked differently. I don’t know. I didn’t see the transformation or follow it. I never got it. That was not me writing that. We put him with Bray because we thought together they could really be this cool entity, but I will say, no, we didn’t know what to do with them. The part I’m going to unpack is, what were their characters? If you could describe them to me, if you could give me an elevator pitch, a summary of their characters, then maybe we could have written them in that direction or something.”

“I’ll take the heat and I always will for a failed opportunity, an opportunity I missed as a writer or a creative guy on the show. I’ll always take the hit for that. We let them be their creative selves and their creative selves, and this is horrible, and I don’t mean to say it like this, but I don’t think they knew at that time what they were trying to do. I don’t think they knew, I don’t think we knew, and together, it made a who knew stew, and so it turned out as such. I will take some heat for that, no two ways about it. I just don’t know if anybody else who should, will.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)