WWE’s Gunther describes game plan on how he’d wrestle Tyson Fury

SmackDown’s newest talent Gunther recently spoke with Cultaholic Wrestling about Tyson Fury. The boxing star has spoken about the possibility of returning to WWE in the future. With that in mind, Gunther has admitted he is open to a match against him.

“To be honest, it seems like from what you see, he’s been around WWE,” he said. “And from what you hear, it seems to be like a cool guy and a pretty laid-back person. He’s one of the best of all time in his sport. I’m not a big boxing fan, but Ludwig is into boxing, he boxed himself in his youth. Sometimes I talk to him about it, and then I pick things up.

“Actually, we watched the fight in the locker room the other day, massive crowd, really crazy. It’s great because he’s so unorthodox I think, he doesn’t look like the best athlete in the world, but in his sport, he is. If I will get the chance to wrestle him in WWE, I will definitely be very open to that.”

If Gunther was to get into the ring with Tyson Fury, he thinks he would have one disadvantage. The reach of the British boxer is something that would potentially nullify his chops.

“It might be tricky with the chops though, he’s got a long reach, he’s got long arms himself,” Gunther pointed out. “I should not try to get that close. I might need to go to the legs more than that.”

Speaking of Gunther’s chops, he was asked whether or not Vince McMahon has ever wanted to receive one. But the former NXT UK Champion has made it clear that isn’t the case, although Vince would be fine.

“He hasn’t, but nobody ever asks me for one, to be honest, it hasn’t happened. I think he can take it, he’ll be fine, he’s a tough man.”

(Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.)

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