WWE Wrestlemania 38 beats the Super Bowl in several social media statistics

According to a report on Conviva.com, WWE Wrestlemania 38 outperformed Super Bowl LVI in numerous social media statistics including the following…

Impressions: WWE: 2.2 Billion Impressions vs. Super Bowl: 1.8 Billion Impressions

Video Views: WWE: 1.1 Billion Video Views vs. Super Bowl: 618 Million Video Views

Video Watch Time: WWE: 13.1 Million Hours compared vs. Super Bowl 3.56 Million Hours

Engagements: WWE: 87 Million Engagements vs. Super Bowl: 78 Million Engagements

This year’s Wrestlemania also outperformed last year’s event in several categories…

Record 1.1 Billion Views across Facebook, Instagram, Snap, TikTok, Twitter, up 47% from WrestleMania 37

Record 785 Million Minutes (13 Million Hours) of video consumed on social, up 29% from WrestleMania 37

Record 2.2 Billion Impressions, up 10% from WrestleMania 37