WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins addresses his issues with CM Punk

As previously noted, WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins flipped off the returning CM Punk and yelled “f*ck you” at the end of the 2023 WWE Survivor Series PLE. While appearing on the SI Media podcast, Rollins said he was annoyed by Punk’s surprise appearance but understood WWE’s reasoning for not telling people…

“I understand why very few people knew what was going on that day. In the moment I was extremely emotional… It was a very raw, emotional response. It was what it was, I can’t take it back… I wish I would have handled myself with a little bit more composure.”

Rollins said the following about his issues with Punk…

“For a guy (CM Punk) who when I met him, made it seem like he was all about giving back to the business, he really turned into a pretty selfish guy and really wanted to take more from the industry.”

“He (CM Punk) said some really bad things about me. Talked down about me for years, and the company (WWE), for years. I’m talking some really bad stuff. Called me a bootlicker and crap like that. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I stand for. I’m a loyal person, and I felt pretty insulted by a lot of the ways he treated me, treated the place I work for, treated friends that I worked with. I don’t need to get into any of the stuff with Colt Cabana if you want to look at that kind of stuff, that’s out there.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlePurists.com)

Rollins finished by saying that regardless of their issues, he believes they will be able to conduct business and make “magic” when their paths finally cross in WWE.