WWE star says “everyone is buzzing” to have CM Punk back and believes there is “positive energy” in the company

WWE Smackdown Grayson Waller was recently interviewed on Adrian Hernandez’s YouTube channel and here is what Waller had to say about CM Punk returning to WWE…

“I didn’t realize how wrong the internet was about everything until I came to WWE and I was actually backstage and saw some things. I don’t think there is anything but positive energy about CM Punk coming back. The entire roster right now is great, from top to bottom. Everyone is challenging each other, everyone wants to be the top guy, but no one is stepping on anyone to get there. Maybe me, I don’t mind doing that, but everyone is working together. We want this product to succeed and I think that’s what’s happening. Everyone is buzzing to have him back. Why would you not want to have this guy who can cut incredible promos, he can have great matches, who the crowd wants to see, who is super controversial? If you don’t want him back here, you’re stupid type of thing.

For me, personally, I said some things online about Punk when I heard the rumors. I like to play with the rumors and have some fun, that type of thing. I got to meet him recently, and that’s all I’ll say about that. I was trained in NXT originally by Ace Steel, who is obviously Punk’s coach as well. I know the type of training he went through. Ace Steel is a great trainer. He’s hard-nosed, very to the point. He got me a lot of my first matches in NXT. I have nothing but positive things to say about Ace and nothing but positive things to say currently about Punk. I’m sure that’ll change in the future.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)