Randy Orton

WWE star Randy Orton’s message to fan about dealing with depression goes viral

In a post via Twitter/X, user @SamirParvez shared a direct message that he received from Randy Orton in regards to dealing with depression. Orton wrote the following to the fan…

“Nobody is immune to Depression. I was out for 18 months, was told my career was over. For 6 months I had a terrible headspace. You have to find the motivation to start something, and then continue it, become consistent at it. Something healthy. For me, it was my back healing, eating right, hitting the gym properly and seeing the results. Look for anything that can make you see the improvement in whatever it is you’re doing. Even if it’s selfless acts, like helping others less fortunate. Depression is real, but we are resilient. Don’t give up.”

The post went viral with over one million views and 24,000+ likes.