WWE star Liv Morgan goes into details about her relationship status and dating life

During an interview with Open Thoughts, Liv Morgan was asked about her relationship status and dating life. Here is what Liv had to say…

“[Is it hard to date?] Yeah. Yeah, but I feel like also it’s like what are your priorities. Like, right now, like, my priorities are not to date. It’s like to be the best that I can be. And I know, like, I’m a little bit selfish with my time right now. Like, I don’t really wanna give you my time and take away from me trying to be great.

[Have you met a good man?] Yeah, there’s a lot of good men. [Do you give some people like chances, like, let me see?] If you really blow me away. Like, if I’m blown away then it’s like: ‘Maybe I will, you know, put effort into this.’ But, like, other than that, it’s mostly like I’m just about my work and I just, I’m trying to be great.” (quote courtesy of Sportskeeda.com)