WWE Smackdown results for the June 30th 2023 edition from London, England

The June 30th 2023 edition of WWE Smackdown took place in London, England and the television show aired on tape delay in the United States. Here are the results…

* Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn retained the tag team titles against Pretty Deadly. The crowd sang Zayn’s song. Owens was selling a knee injury during the match. PD attempted their “ring skirt” trick but it backfired and Zayn pinned Wilson with the Helluva Kick after Owens gave Prince a stunner.

* Austin Theory defeated Ridge Holland. Prior to the match, Adam Pearce said Holland would get a future title match if he beat Theory. Holland, who wore a Rugby shirt to the ring, had early momentum but Theory picked up the win after targeting Holland’s throat. Theory attacked Holland after the match but Sheamus made the save. Theory vs. Sheamus was announced for next week’s Smackdown at Madison Square Garden.’

* There was a Karrion Kross backstage promo about AJ Styles.

* A Bloodline video package aired to hype up the Civil war Match.

* Bayley defeated Shotzi to retain her spot in the women’s Money in the Bank match. The crowd sang the “Hey Bayley” song. Iyo Sky helped Bayley with a distraction and Bayley raked Shotzi’s eyes prior to winning with the Rose Plant.

* Logan Paul was heavily booed for the Grayson Waller Effect. Paul said he might take the briefcase and smack LA Knight upside the head with it. Knight interrupted Logan’s promo to a major pop and said he hasn’t been given a damn thing unlike Logan. Logan said Knight was brought to Smackdown as a manager after 20 years of a “lackluster career.” Santos Escobar and Butch came down to the ring with Butch attacking Logan.

* After the break, Knight faced Escobar and Butch with Logan still at ringside. Escobar took out Logan with a dive after Logan was trash talking at Knight. Butch ended up pinning Escobar to pick up the win. After the match, Butch clotheslined Logan out of the ring and held up the briefcase.

* AJ Styles cut a promo and accepted a singles match with Kross.

* Asuka defended the women’s title against Charlotte Flair with Bianca Belair in the front row. Charlotte got a few nearfalls on Asuka and the two ended up on the outside of the ring. Charlotte accidentally gave Bianca a big boot. Bianca jumped the barricade and attacked Asuka which lead to a DQ. Charlotte yelled at Bianca and stuck her hand in Bianca’s face. Bianca warned Charlotte to stop and then punched Charlotte. A fight broke out and Bianca ended up giving both Charlotte and Asuka KODs onto the announce table.

* Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman came to the ring. Reigns said he allowed his cousins to say “we the ones” for two years and that he’s the only one now. He to The Usos to acknowledge him and apologize so they could move forward.

The Usos arrived and said they aren’t trying to get back into the bloodline and said there are consequences coming for Reigns if he gets pinned at MITB. The Usos teased that they have Solo Sikoa’s vote as the new tribal chief and the crowd chanted Solo’s name. Reigns laughed but then Solo stared at Reigns and made the spike gesture with his hand.

Reigns yelled at Jey and said Jey is nothing without him. Jimmy took out Reigns with a superkick and a brawl erupted. Security tried to break up the fight and Jey came over the top rope with a splash onto everyone as the show ended.