WWE reportedly has “significant plans” for Finn Balor in the future

Finn Balor is scheduled to face Edge in an “I Quit” match at the 2022 WWE Extreme Rules PLE. Balor has seen an increased presence on WWE television since the formation of the Judgment Day faction and his push will reportedly be continuing. Twitter account @WrestleVotes noted the following…

“I’m told that significant plans are lined up for Finn Balor in the future. I don’t know exactly for what those plans are, but he is a strong favorite of the new leadership group. Expect Finn to play a big role in the foreseeable future of WWE.”

@BackupHangman commented on @WrestleVotes’ report with the following:

“Hunter loves the guy. I’m a Finn Balor guy too tbh. Fell off him around 2017-2018 but he’s great and his last NXT run was really good. Turned into a gritty technician. Big Dynamite Kid vibes to his approach.”

@WrestleVotes replied with, “Not the first time I’ve heard that same comparison… From someone w/ big time influence as well.”

During Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, Balor praised Triple H being in charge of WWE creative…

“He’s an incredible communicator of his ideas, and he’s very hands-on with everything. Triple H has always been very available for everyone and very present at ringside before the shows.”