WWE publishes list of the top 38 greatest moments in Wrestlemania history

WWE’s official YouTube channel published a compilation of the top 38 greatest moments in Wrestlemania history and the list is as follows…

38. Roman Reigns defeats The Undertaker
37. Andre the Giant slams Big John Studd
36. Sasha Banks’ Wrestlemania 32 entrance
35. Brock Lesnar beats Kurt Angle
34. Doctor of Thuganomics returns
33. The Ultimate Warrior defeats Hulk Hogan
32. Randy Orton RKO’s Seth Rollins
31. Kane attacks Pete Rose
30. Triple H saves his career vs. Batista
29. Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon unite
28. Ronda Rousey submits Stephanie McMahon
27. Fastest Wrestlemania match
26. Edge wins first Money in the Bank ladder match
25. D-Generation X vs. The NWO
24. Randy Savage wins WWE title
23. The Hardy Boyz return
22. Roman Reigns wins the WWE title
21. Razor Ramon wins iconic ladder match
20. Mr. McMahon gets a haircut
19. Bianca Belair wins Smackdown women’s title
18. John Cena wins first WWE title
17. Ricky Steamboat wins Intercontinental title
16. The Undertaker retires Shawn Michaels
15. Yestlemania
14. The Rock beats John Cena
13. The Undertaker returns
12. Charlotte Flair ends Asuka’s unbeaten streak
11. Stone Cold wins first WWE title
10. Edge spears Jeff Hardy in mid-air
9. Rey Mysterio wins for Eddie Guerrero
8. Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth reunite
7. Kofimania
6. The Rock defeats Hollywood Hogan
5. Shawn Michaels beats Bret Hart in sudden death
4. Becky Lynch wins first women’s main event
3. Hulk Hogan slams Andre the Giant
2. Seth Rollins cashes in
1. Brock Lesnar ends The Undertaker’s streak