WWE producer/coach talks about the company’s regime changes

During an appearance on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, WWE producer/coach D-Von Dudley talked about the company’s regime changes…

“Well I’m busy. With this new regime, with Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon] which I am extremely happy about. I think everyone’s happy and just for the simple fact that we’re all happy about what Vince [McMahon] did for 50 years plus and sometimes, with every — how do I say this? With every company, with every new whatever it is, it’s always good for a new, fresh and new ideas and things like that and I think Triple H brings that and we’re not discounting what Vince did, like I said, for the past 50 years but sometimes, you need a little change and I’m happy about that.”

“We all knew that during the Attitude Era [that Paul Levesque would one day take over] and it wasn’t because he married Stephanie [McMahon]. That wasn’t it at all. But we just knew that when he did marry Stephanie and he did become part of the family and he did become part of creative and all of that above and he was making decisions, we knew, we all knew that it was gonna be Hunter that would take over once Vince left or, unfortunately, if something had happened to Vince, it would have been Triple H who came in. We all knew that, we all said that so it was no surprise to us. It was surprising on how everything went down for it to get to this level but I don’t think anybody was surprised about Hunter. We all knew that if Vince couldn’t do it anymore, that Hunter would be the one next in line and we were happy about that, him and Stephanie and I think it shows, like you said, in the ratings. I just heard our ticket sales alone for WrestleMania next year, the ticket sales have skyrocketed and that’s great because there’s a newfound sparked energy within the wrestling business now and I’m very excited about it and it’s not one of those things where I think people are not going to want to know what’s gonna happen next. People are tuning in and they’re excited about what’s happening.”

“I’m with NXT right now, I’m a coach behind the scenes. I’m also a producer. I help put the matches together and things like that and I’m actually — there’s three titles and I always forget so coach, producer and I’ll think of the third one later [D-Von laughed]. But, you know, I’m just having fun working with the younger talent and helping them to carry on the legacy of pro wrestling and it’s great. You’ve got myself, Terry Taylor, Fit Finlay, Robbie Brookside, Norman Smiley and a lot of the other guys that had moved up from talent to producers, they’re backstage so and Shawn Michaels of course and Matt Bloom and we’re just having a good time and helping these kids get to where they gotta be.” (quotes courtesy of PostWrestling.com)