WWE possibly changing the name of the Elimination Chamber match

It was previously reported that WWE is planning to have an Elimination Chamber match take place at next Saudi Arabia premium live event in February.

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted that “WWE is looking at rebranding the Elimination Chamber the ‘WrestleMania Chamber.’ Not official until it’s announced.”

Speaking of Meltzer, he received some criticism for the following line he had written in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

“I guess they decided to book the Chamber in Saudi Arabia because Auschwitz has COVID restrictions this month.”

Meltzer issued an apology…

“As someone who lost multiple family members in the holocaust I take it beyond seriously. The line was to bring up the question of using the term Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia. Obviously it was meant as a message but I apologize for those who were offended by it.”

Over the years, the Elimination Chamber events have been referred to as No Escape in Germany.