WWE personality says CM Punk is “poison” and wants to see him get fired

As seen during the 2024 WWE Clash at the Castle PLE, CM Punk screwed Drew McIntyre out of the world heavyweight title. During the post-show recap, WWE announcer/personality Wade Barrett gave his thoughts on the situation…

“That was the biggest screwjob in history, just beating Bret Hart. That is the new number one. There is a huge shadow cast upon this entire industry thanks to the actions of CM Punk. CM Punk needs to be fired by WWE management. For once, show some balls. Do what you’re supposed to do. This is a guy who was medically cleared to be in contact with any wrestler. He has now materially affected the outcome of two heavyweight championship matches. What is CM Punk doing here? He wasn’t booked for SmackDown. He wasn’t booked for media. He wasn’t booked for Clash at the Castle. Are you trying to tell me he got a private jet all the way over to Scotland just to watch the show? He ruined this event.”

“He should have been thrown out of the building. To invite him to the press conference after that and give him donuts and throw softball questions at him. To have the leader of this industry, the leader of WWE, a man who I respect, Triple H, come out and answer these issues with quotes like, ‘I’m happy to have Phil Brooks back. This is the Phil Brooks I want to see. Thrilled and excited to work with him. Thank you CM Punk for helping change the culture behind the scenes at WWE.’ I cannot respect any of that. It’s nonsense. The man is poison.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)