WWE news items on Owens/Zayn’s current positions, Kairi Sane, and Pat McAfee

Here are some WWE news items from Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter

* As previously noted, both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have WWE contracts expiring soon. Meltzer wrote that “both being give more TV time of late is likely due to wanting them to be happy with their push and stay but on the flip side if they don’t sign they can use them as names to put over the top people the way the booking is going.”

* Kairi Sane’s WWE contract has expired. Meltzer noted that WWE was interested in renewing Kairi’s deal and have her wrestle again but she doesn’t want to live in the United States.

* Smackdown announcer Pat McAfee has signed a $30 million per year sponsorship contract with gambling company FanDuel for his streaming talk show. The deal lasts for four years with an opt-out clause after the third year. McAfee also announced that he was donating $8.1 million dollars to various charities.

The belief is that McAfee will continue to work on Smackdown because he enjoys the job.