WWE has seemingly reached a new deal with wrestling and MMA veteran Ken Shamrock

In a sign that wrestling/MMA veteran Ken Shamrock and WWE have come to terms on some sort of deal, new Shamrock merchandise has been added to the WWEShop.com website. This news has fueled internet speculation that Shamrock has a Legends contract and will be going into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2024. Shamrock is already a Hall of Famer in the UFC and Impact Wrestling.

In 2022, Shamrock said the following to the Universal Wrestling Podcast about potentially going into the WWE Hall of Fame

“I was already inducted into other hall of fames for things that I have done, I’m very proud of that, but if I don’t get into WWE (Hall of Fame), it’s not something I’m going to lose sleep over. I see it as something important, but those are decisions that I cannot control, and therefore I have to move on and do other things to make sure my legacy and life and family are left in a better place.”