WWE Hall of Famer hoping to wrestle again by early 2022

During his recent Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Sean “X-Pac” Waltman commented on possibly making a return to the ring and his rehab from knee surgery…

“It feels pretty good. My last doctor’s visit a couple weeks, probably a month or so ago, he said everything was coming along nicely. I thought I was a little behind because I took a little time off. I’m going to therapy and that, but no. He said, ‘You’re coming along just fine.’ We’ll see. I go to physical therapy again next week, and then we’ll just go from there.”

“So, just in case, I would like to be ready by Royal Rumble time, but that’s not something that’s my main goal, go do the Royal Rumble,” Waltman clarified. “But if they called me, I would do the Royal Rumble. I love WWE, and regardless of what’s going on, I still have love for them, and so I would like for them to be the ones that host my return matches. But if not, there’s plenty other people that will.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)