WWE Hall of Famer explains why women’s wrestling “doesn’t appeal to the majority”

WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, also known as Madusa, is considered a pioneer for women’s wrestling. For years, she has championed the evolution of women in the sport and continues to do so even today. In an interview with Just Alyx, she spoke on female wrestling and if it is profitable in 2023. Here is a clip of what she said…

“OK, let me ask you a question. Why doesn’t the women’s WNBA sell out ever? The truth is the truth. It’s an all-women’s league. Women don’t appeal to the majority. It is what it is. And it is a problem. However, why Alyx does MMA women sell out? Because it is brass, it is hard-hitting, it is believable and it is gutsy and it is badass.

Who’s sitting in the audience more than anything? Men. Who’s sitting in the audience for wrestling mainly? Men. Look at how every single woman comes out to the ring. Their hair is done, their makeup is thick and they look beautiful. Every piece of clothing is perfect, right? But in MMA, It’s authentic. It’s real. Like, right now, I have no makeup on except mascara and eyelashes. That’s what people want. People want real. Now we have been so smoked and full of BS in the last few years that people are sick of it, right? People want something that’s real.”

Watch the full interview now on the Just Alyx Youtube channel.