WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray tells fan to “crawl back into a sewer” during heated online exchange

As previously noted, former WWE star Al Snow expressed concern that someone in AEW is going to die right in front of your eyes.” Twitter/X user The Real One (@WWEREALONE) addressed Snow’s comments and then got into a heated exchange with WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray…

The Real One: “Why are these old wrestlers so bitter and corny? Wrestling has evolved and gotten crazier. Evolve with the time.”

Bully Ray: “Vets. Showing concern for the safety of younger wrestlers, who are taking deadly risks, is not corny and definitely not bitter. Taking higher, uncalculated risk, is a sign of regression, not evolution. You are just another ‘know it all’ … who knows nothing at all.”

The Real One: “Ah yes, Mr TLC bubba talking about safety.”

Bull Ray: “Fkn A right. Everything was done w/ safety in mind in our TLC matches…but you wouldn’t know, because you’ve never stepped foot in a ring. Stay in your lane mouth breather. Now go home and get ya f*ckin shine box.”

The Real One: “Cool. So you’re telling me these trained wrestlers with experience can’t do the same? 😭”

Bull Ray: “I think you’re missing the point… What Im trying to say is that you’re a bitch. Have a nice day. 😃”

The Real One: “It would be great if fed [WWE] fans just let us enjoy AEW”

Bully Ray: “It would be great if you would shut the f*ck up and crawl back into a sewer where you belong. Trash. 🤣🤣”